Celine Dion unveils a whole new haircut


On Thanksgiving, Celine Dion shared photos of herself to her community on Instagram. The star then unveiled a brand new hairstyle; a short cut with her natural hair.

Celine Dion is an icon. Her incredible voice has made her a world famous star. And in recent years, it's even her style that has propelled her to the forefront again. Celine Dion is now a sensation at each of its outings in public. Never neglecting her outfit, she also has the merit of wearing a beauty look always impeccable. Moreover, it has been several months since the Canadian had kept her beautiful, long blond hair. A mane while volume which was also part of his "character".

However, last week Celine Dion posted photos of her with a brand new hairstyle on her social media. It was on Thanksgiving that the mother shared a tender message to her Instagram community: “To everyone who celebrates it in the United States (and around the world) I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. Although we are celebrating separately, we are all together in thoughts. I send you all my love!”. A few words accompanied by three photos of the star. Striking a pose in huge green fields, Celine Dion did not sport her beautiful, long blonde hair. The singer displayed her hair naturally, and shorter. She now has a long square that she wore that day loop. A very natural hairstyle that suits her perfectly.

The hair of the stars naturally

More and more celebrities choose to reveal themselves Natural on social networks. At first, we saw them show off a lot without makeup. And now, these are photos of them with their natural hair – without extension or brushing – that they share (what does the hair of stars look like? Find out in our photo album). What reminds us that the greatest celebrities are just like us, and do not wake up every morning with an impeccable hairstyle.

Celine Dion announces her new concert dates for 2021:

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