Centre-left, constructive… What is the Utiles group, the tenth in the Assembly?

Victor Chabert, edited by Solène Leroux
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4:02 p.m., June 27, 2022

A newcomer among the groups of the National Assembly? The Useful group could see the light of day on Monday, and thus become the tenth of the Assembly. It would be made up of members of the former Libertés et Territoires group, socialist dissidents, but also deputies from Corsica or overseas.

A new group could see the light of day in the National Assembly on Monday. The Useful group, for Ultramarines, territories, insularities, freedom, equality and solidarity, which would thus become the tenth of the Assembly. He is center-left, wants to be constructive and wants to embody the anti-Nupes. Composed of members of the former Freedoms and Territories group, of socialist dissidents, but also of deputies from Corsica or overseas, this new group could therefore be born today, on a constructive line. “My left is, I believe, an ability to be able to work on the merits, to be able to lay down red lines”, explains Olivier Falorni, deputy for Charente-Maritime.

“We don’t want to block the country”

The elected official insists: it is a question of “saying to the government, as if to say to the French: ‘We do not want to block the country, we do not want to block the institutions, listen to what we have to say .’ I believe that is the nobility of the role of parliamentarian,” he continues.

Freedom to vote

Several questions remain to be decided internally on the organization of the group, but the rule should be the freedom to vote. According to the texts, the government could therefore count on the 15 to 17 votes of its deputies, and perhaps even more. A future member predicts that it could grow during the term of office, especially if the Socialists were to slam the door of Nupes.

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