CES 2022: heading towards the smart ring market capable of monitoring your health

Alexandre boero

December 27, 2021 at 5:50 p.m.


Circular Ring © Circular

© Circular

French and American players, such as Circular and Movano, are fighting in the emerging smart ring market. The two start-ups hope to show off at the next CES.

CES 2022, if it does take place, will be the scene of many trends, such as digital health (or digital, strictly speaking here), and innovations, the smart ring being one of them. While it was thought to be reserved for men in the shadows like Agent 007, the smart ring could, like the connected watch, provide a lot of data on its users, focused on their health and their well-being.

A connected ring packed with sensors, which weighs only… 4 grams

Among the nuggets of the smart ring is Circular. The French start-up, based in Paris, offers a smart ring of 4 grams, equipped with biosensors that work both day and night. Connected to a mobile application, the ring analyzes the user’s vital signals, in order to offer them personalized recommendations that will regulate their sleep and fight against phenomena such as sleep apnea, adapt their activity and optimize their health.

To do this, the smart ring will be able to analyze heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, temperature and movements (steps). Circular claims a four-day battery life, and insists the ring is worn day or night.

Circular Ring © Circular

© Circular

Many wearables we see are too bulky, too gimmicky, lacking in personalization, and presenting users with raw data without telling them how to use it. Users ourselves, we wanted a device that was not only more personal, but also used the data to make recommendations for a healthier lifestyle. Explains Circular Chairman and CEO Amaury Kosman.

An interpretation of raw data that results in personalized analyzes and advice

Direction California this time where the start-up Movano, put forward by our colleagues from The verge, also offers its smart ring. As with Circular, the precious measures respiratory rate, heart rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, movement and calories burned.

© Movano

And like its French competitor, Movano will not deliver raw data to its users. The idea is to explain to them, via a mobile application, how to use them, and to offer them analyzes built from this data, such as explaining why the wearer of the ring slept badly, or the reasons that justify increased heart rate while resting.

Taken together, smart ring manufacturers intend to adopt a proactive strategy for their users, in order to prevent certain diseases that can become chronic, if not serious. On the form therefore, there is nothing very revolutionary about the mobile application, but it is on the other hand the substance that changes. It remains to settle the regulatory thorn on the use that will be made of the data collected and to know the price of these little gems.

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