CES 2023: Intel launches its 13th “economical” generation, Raptor Lake desktops at 35 and 65 Watts


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January 03, 2023 at 9:40 p.m.


Intel Raptor Lake HX © Intel

© Intel

More Raptor Lake to rule them all…and in darkness bind them? Admit that for 65 Watts the Core i9-13900, we would say yes to Sauron.

We expected it, Intel did not disappoint and therefore took advantage of CES 2023 in Las Vegas to unveil new Raptor Lake processors for so-called machines. desktop.

Ten 65 Watt processors

The first Raptor Lake – 13 processorse generation from Intel – were released last October. If the performance is there, it must be recognized that consumption also increases significantly.

Intel Raptor Lake 65 Watts © Intel

© Intel

We were therefore looking forward to seeing Raptor Lake processors with a Processor Base Power (PBP) limited to 65 Watts. These processors were not only detailed at CES 2023, they were simply launched by Intel, which formalizes the complete line-up.

At the head of the gondola, it is logically the Core i9s that impress the most with their 32 threads “divided” into 8 efficient cores and 16 efficient cores. The L2 cache is 32 MB and the L3 cache is 36 MB while the frequencies peak at 5.6 GHz and the Max Turbo Power (MTP) at 219 Watts.

Up to Core i3

Two versions of this Core i9 exist depending on whether it integrates the Intel UHD Graphics 770 (“13900F”) or does not have it (“13900”). In the first case, we are talking about 524 dollars against 549 dollars in the second.

© Intel

These 65 Watt processors are complemented by three other ranges, the Core i7, i5 and i3. Like the i9s, the i7s are very close to the models launched in October: 8 high-performance cores and 8 efficient cores, 16 threads54 MB of L2+L3 cache and a maximum frequency of 5.2 GHz.

On the Core i5 side, four processors are planned while Intel also has two i3s. The latter are interesting, because their PBP goes to 58 Watts (13100F) or 60 Watts (13100). On the other hand, it should be noted that they are devoid of effective hearts.

Six 35 Watt processors

Finally, alongside these 65 Watt processors, which are not all, Intel is launching an even more economical version, the 35 Watt range from PBP. There is still a Core i9 which also retains the number of high-performance / efficient cores of its big brothers, but lowers the frequency to 5.3 GHz.

Intel Raptor Lake 35 Watts © Intel

© Intel

The Core i7-13700T is also quite close to the Core i7-13700, but note that, as on the Core i9-13900T, the MTP cannot exceed 106 Watts for good energy sobriety. Sobriety that we obviously find on the Core i5 and the unique Core i3.

The latter is also a particularly economical model for a desktop CPU: still 35 Watts of PBP, but only 69 Watts of MTP. Of course, this again has to be done without any efficient cores and only four efficient cores at a maximum of 4.2 GHz.

Source: Intel

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