CES 2024: No more empty batteries? This mouse and keyboard combo is self-charging


Not only new products will be presented at CES 2024, but also new concepts. This keyboard and mouse combination is designed to power itself.

The concept is called “Mechanical Energy Harvesting Combo”. When it comes to market, the manufacturer will definitely call the product something different. (Source: Lenovo)

  • Lenovo is unveiling a concept product that can charge itself at CES 2024.
  • The electricity is said to be generated by solar radiation and mechanical movements.
  • This is not yet a market-ready product.

Many manufacturers are striving to become more and more sustainable with new product ranges. Lenovo is no exception. At CES 2024, the manufacturer is now presenting a concept that is not intended to be sustainable because of the materials, but could make the charging process obsolete.

It’s a combination of mouse and keyboard that Lenovo calls “Mechanical Energy Harvesting Combo”. The highlight: The electricity should not come from the socket. External charging will no longer be necessary as the devices receive their energy from sunlight and mechanical movements, according to a press release.

Future users should not forego wireless technologies. The manufacturer states that the product can wirelessly connect to multiple devices using both Bluetooth and 2.4G. It is not known when and whether the concept will find its way onto the market.

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