Champions League: PSG wins 2-1 on the lawn of Juventus but finishes second in its group

PSG can blame themselves. Thinking they had ensured first place in their Champions League group by winning 2 goals to 1 on the field of Juventus, PSG were beaten on the gong by their distance opponent, Benfica, who won 6 goals to 1 at Maccabi Haifa.

PSG are ahead in the number of goals scored away from home, 9 for Benfica, against 6. Otherwise the two teams were tied, after their draws in the double confrontation (1-1/1-1), and the same attack : 16 goals. It was necessary to come to the seventh criterion of the UEFA regulations of the event to decide between the first two of group H!

A cador in 8th

Paris risks crossing paths with Bayern Munich, Real Madrid or Manchester City, for example, in the draw for the round of 16 on Monday.

Coach Christophe Galtier understood, haranguing his troops to score a third goal, but it was too late.

Paris can blame itself for not having played more in Turin, scoring only on two flashes, a feat from Kylian Mbappé (13th) and a goal from Nuno Mendes (69th). The rest of his match remained fairly hazy.

Goal and assist for Mbappé

PSG did not really play, like a neutral Lionel Messi, who still had the good idea to launch Mbappé on the first goal.

Paris, during the meeting, suffered the Italian assaults, which equalized for the first time by their captain Leonardo Bonucci.

Juve did not lose everything, with third place, thanks to the defeat of Maccabi. They are transferred to the Europa League.

Marquinhos full of juice

The only consolation for Paris, captain Marquinhos, full of juice and authority like a heroic rescue at the feet of Fabio Miretti, yet alone in front of goal after a shift from Milik.

“Marqui” celebrated his feat with a furious gesture, clenched fist and lion’s roar. The system with four defenders definitely suits him better, he is no longer in gray marking areas.

But this will not console the “capi”. This cruel end spoils a little the first victory in the history of PSG in Turin, a team which had dominated it in four different double confrontations in the past.

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