Chancellor takes stock: Merkel: Can “sleep well” with Scholz as Chancellor

Chancellor takes stock
Merkel: Can “sleep well” with Scholz as Chancellor

In her first interview after the federal election, Chancellor Merkel is calm. “I know what we have achieved,” she says, referring to her term in office. At the same time, she sums up the historically poor election result of the Union, its climate policy and the Corona crisis – and admits her own mistakes.

After 16 years as Federal Chancellor, Angela Merkel is relaxed and confident about the change of power in the Chancellery. She told the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” in her first interview after the federal election: “I know what we have achieved in the governments that I have led.” Merkel has been Chancellor since 2005. When asked whether she could sleep peacefully at all with the idea that a Social Democrat would rule this country again in the future, Merkel said: “Yes”.

The Chancellor went on to say: “There will be political differences, that goes without saying. But I can sleep soundly.” The SPD, Greens and FDP are striving to form a joint federal government in the week from December 6th to 10th – with a Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the helm. Scholz has so far been Vice Chancellor and Minister of Finance. “With Mr. Scholz, I didn’t always get the impression that the money was loose,” said Merkel.

When asked what part she played in the miserable result of the Union in the federal election, the Chancellor said: “The result was not good, that is clear. The CDU and CSU are currently working on it with a view to lessons for the future. I think they will do very well. ” When asked whether the Union had lost voters because it was no longer available to vote – or because it had not adequately prepared the CDU for the time after its chancellorship, she said: “Everyone works in his own time. It was for me ended as party leader in 2018 and ends now as Federal Chancellor. Everything that I have done, I have done with a view to what was necessary, for the present and of course because such decisions should last for the future. ”

“I’m sad about a phase”

Regarding climate protection, Merkel said that it was undisputed that Germany had again achieved a significant reduction in CO2 emissions in the last ten years. This was more difficult than, for example, in the 1990s, when the closure of old power plants and production facilities brought considerable savings, she said with a view to power plants in the GDR. “Measured against what we need, it is not enough. But we have struck stakes.”

Regarding the corona crisis, the Chancellor said that she really did not want that: “That I am the Chancellor who is responsible for ensuring that, for the first time in the post-war period, children cannot go to school for a long time. That such restrictions are introduced had to, even after the previous crisis developments that I had to accompany, exceeded my imagination. Nevertheless, it had to be mastered. ”

For them, it was crucial that the health system was not overloaded, so that everyone could receive the best possible treatment and as few people as possible died: “In both points we were able to prevent many bad things in Germany that unfortunately other countries had to go through. According to these criteria So far we have come through the pandemic comparatively lightly. ” Merkel also admitted mistakes: “I am still sad about one phase: It was Christmas last year.

Don’t be afraid of boredom

At that time the tests were in place. And yet too little was tested in the old people’s and nursing homes. I personally tried to force this around Christmas in telephone conversations with those responsible in the area. We provided the tests for free and also covered the personnel costs. Nevertheless, it took too long for this to be implemented in the nursing homes. That was the weakest moment in fighting the pandemic. ”

What she will do in the first few days after saying goodbye, she does not yet know, said Merkel. Her husband Joachim Sauer, however, has no worries, she will soon just be sitting around at home. “I don’t think he’s so scared of that,” said Merkel. “Firstly, he’s got enough to do himself, and secondly, I’ve never distinguished myself by just sitting around at home.”

Merkel said there will be a picture of her in the ancestral gallery of the Chancellery. But you have not yet made a decision who will paint it. “I learned that there were chancellors who took several years to do that.”

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