Chancellor’s last podcast: Merkel is in the mood for “difficult weeks”

Chancellor’s last podcast
Merkel is in the mood for “difficult weeks”

At the beginning, the format caused a sensation – after more than 600 episodes, Chancellor Merkel said goodbye to the citizens in her podcast. She vividly describes the sometimes dramatic situation and promotes vaccination in the fight against the corona pandemic.

The outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel is probably right in hers last video podcast in office the citizens are asking for tough times again in view of the continuing spread of the corona virus. “Unfortunately we have another difficult weeks ahead of us, which we can only cope with with a joint effort,” she said. “I sincerely wish that we can do this together.”

Merkel spoke of a “very serious situation”. In some parts of the country “it can only be called dramatic. Overcrowded intensive care units, seriously ill people who have to be flown across Germany to get the care they need – and at the moment such a terribly high number of people who are infected with the virus every day.” Life costs. ” All of this is “so bitter because it can be avoided”.

The CDU politician, whose term of office will most likely end on Wednesday, once again called for vaccinations. “With effective and safe vaccines, we hold the key to this.” As in the past, she warned: “Take the malicious virus seriously. The new Omikron variant in particular seems to be even more contagious than the previous ones.”

Merkel expressly thanked those “who are sensible and understanding during these difficult times”, who stick to the rules “out of self-protection as well as out of concern for others”. “They make up the vast majority in our country. Every day they show the citizenship that is so wonderful about our country – and without which no Federal Chancellor and no government can achieve anything.”

Merkel has addressed citizens more than 600 times with her podcast in the past 15 years. She recalled the first edition shortly before the 2006 World Cup in her own country. “My wish at the time that the World Cup would also be a big party outside the stadiums was surpassed by the summer fairy tale,” she said now. She used the format during her time in government to report directly on “topics that are close to my heart. Big questions of government policy, of course, but often also topics that I think do not always get the attention they deserve and for so maybe I could interest you. “

With the words “I wish you all the best, above all health, of course, and in spite of everything a peaceful Advent season and a merry Christmas. And I say: thank you.”, Merkel concluded her probably last podcast.

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