Change in WhatsApp: That’s why the status is now called “Current”


After the latest WhatsApp update, you will search in vain for the “Status” section. It is now called “Current”. This is related to a new function in Messenger.

Where is the “Updates” tab on WhatsApp? (Source: AntonioGuillemF /

  • WhatsApp is currently introducing a new function called “Channels”.
  • It allows you to follow celebrities and organizations on Messenger.
  • As part of the introduction, the status area will be renamed “Updates”.

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature called “Channels”. It allows you to follow celebrities, organizations, clubs and companies on Messenger. They can then provide you with news via chat. However, you can only respond to these with emoji reactions. Competitor Telegram has been offering a similar feature for a long time.

However, the introduction of the function has an impact on another feature of the messenger. The “Status” tab disappears from the main menu. Show this Screenshots on Twitter. Instead, you will now find a tab called “Updates” or, in this country, “Current News”.

In this new menu you can view your subscribed channels, find and subscribe to new ones, create your own WhatsApp channel, but also send status messages and view the status of your contacts. In addition, the status can of course still be accessed via the profile picture of a contact in the chat list.

The following image shows you what the new tab looks like. First, you can see the status reports of your contacts here. Only then do the subscribed channels follow. As well as suggestions for channels that might interest you.

This is what the new rider sees "Current" on WhatsApp.

This is what the new “Current” tab on WhatsApp looks like. (Source: Screenshot WhatsApp)

Global rollout completed

Previously, channels were only available in Egypt, Chile, Malaysia, Morocco, Ukraine, Kenya and Peru as well as Singapore and Colombia. WhatsApp has been rolling this out worldwide since mid-September. According to the messenger, the rollout should now be completed.

To start, you can now follow the channels of FC Bayern, Borussia Dortmund and Netflix in Messenger, among others. But the most popular WhatsApp channel is currently different.

As is often the case, fan feedback on the new function is divided. Many people want a way to remove or at least hide the channels on WhatsApp.

However, such an option does not currently exist. However, installing an old WhatsApp version may help temporarily. But this is only possible on Android phones.

Anyone who uses an Android cell phone will also have to be prepared for a new look when it comes to messenger. We’ll explain to you why the control bar will soon be at the bottom of Messenger and what changes are planned in the new WhatsApp design.

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