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As part of the promotion of his show, titled On the road again, the comedian Chantal Ladesou was the guest of Michel Cymès in the show Antidote, broadcast Sunday April 25, 2021 on France 2. On this occasion, the one who has been married for 40 years with Michel Ansault confided in the subject of her role as a grandmother to her 5 grandchildren. Asked by the host about the type of grandmother she is, the actress admitted to being “fairly classic” in this domain. “I am very cake granny,” said Chantal Ladesou, who recently revealed she was uncomfortable with nervous giggles after her father’s death.

Used to making the spectators laugh on stage, but also the listeners of RTL when she takes part in the show Big Heads, the comedian also makes her comic talents speak when she is in the presence of her 5 grandchildren. “I love to make them laugh,” she launched, before revealing that the offspring of her two children, Clémence and Julien, have taken to nickname her “Mam”. “When I play with them, I play with them, that is, I slide, I slap, I play with them,” explained Chantal Ladesou, who had told in 2018 how he had been dismissed from a cult film, because she refused to show her breasts.

Chantal Ladesou: subscribed to the roles of extravagant grandmothers

Aged 72, the member of Big heads still continues to entertain French spectators, whether on stage, on the radio, on television, but also in the cinema. Although it is therefore a “fairly classic granny cake”, the actress has nevertheless become subscribed to extravagant onscreen grandmothers roles for a few years. As such, we can cite as an example the film What is this family ?!, as well as its sequel, What is this granny ?!, which hit theaters in 2016 and 2019 respectively. The comedian will also resume his role in the last part of this trilogy, baptized What is this grandpa ?!, which is slated for theatrical release in 2021.

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