Character test: The shell you choose reveals what you are strong at

Personality test
Which shell you choose here says a lot about you

These shells represent different character strengths – which would you choose?

In your gut, which of these three mussels do you like best? The result may reveal a lot about your personal strengths and weaknesses!

The sea represents freedom and unlimited possibilities – and our subconscious often associates certain personality traits with the depths of the ocean. This picture of three seashells can reveal a lot about your individual character traits and also show you your personal strength.

© Beata Becla / Shutterstock

How does the test work? It’s simple: look at the shells on the and spontaneously say which one appeals to you the most. Important: You really just have to listen to your gut feeling and don’t start thinking about which pattern you like best. Listen to your intuition – this is the only way this test can work!


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