Charente-Maritime: they discover USB keys with child pornography content in their attic

Pictures stolen from the toilet

Direction the police station of Saintes to share their discovery. The USB keys were then sent to Bordeaux so that the technical and scientific police could carry out the usual investigations. Its owner was quickly found since it is the former… owner of the house. Placed in police custody, this man born in 1972, who works in Saintes and now lives on the island of Oléron, immediately admitted the facts.

Over 5,000 files

On the USB keys, in addition to downloaded child pornography files, the investigators found videos of the neighbors’ children bathing in their swimming pool. During a search, other computers were seized. In all, more than 5,000 files were discovered. Among them, videos made in the toilet. He had hidden a camera that allowed him to immortalize the passage of his wife’s friends in the little corner. Indicted for possession of child pornography images by the public prosecutor of Saintes, he was placed under judicial control, pending his trial in the criminal court, Tuesday, April 19.

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