Charité III: Can the fans look forward to season four?

Charité III
Can the fans look forward to season four?

"Charité": In the leading roles of the third season (from left): gynecologist Prof. Helmut Kraatz (Uwe Ochsenknecht), pediatrician Ingeborg Rapoport (Nina Kunzendorf), the young doctor Dr. Ella Wendt (Nina Gummich) and serologist Prof. Otto Prokop (Philipp Hochmair)

© ARD / Stanislav Honzik

The third season of the historic hospital series "Charité" comes to an end on Tuesday. Can the fans hope for a sequel?

The third season of the historic hospital series "Charité" (Das Erste) ends on Tuesday (January 26th) with the episodes "Sepsis" (5) and "Cardiac fibrillation" (6). After season one (2017), which played in the period of medical progress, which was largely shaped at the Charité, at the end of the 19th century, and season two (2019), which took place in the time of National Socialism, the latest season told about famous doctors Doctors who were doing their work at the time the Berlin Wall was built (1961). Can the fans hope for another sequel, is a fourth season coming?

Yes, they can. Jana Brandt, head of MDR's main editorial department for TV films, series and children, made this clear in an interview with the media magazine "DWDL" in November. However, the planning has nothing to do with a historical season. "We are not developing another season about the past or about the great pandemic (Corona) that we are in today," she waved off.

A "near future" season is planned

"We are dealing intensively with the question of what a fourth season could look like (…) We allow ourselves to jump into the near future and look at a Charité around the year 2049," said Brandt. The first exposés are in progress, but production has not yet been decided, as she emphasized. "There are current considerations, albeit advanced," she says of a "near future" season.

This is still the current status, as it is called when spot on news asked production and broadcasters. Ideas are being collected, but production has still not been decided.