Charlene de Monaco: Bare shoulder and asymmetrical dress, a very glamorous outing with Albert

Charlene of Monaco made a sublime appearance in an immaculate white outfit – a color that suits her perfectly – and revealing one of her shoulders, to support a Monegasque association on September 26, 2022. Accompanied by her husband Prince Albert II , impeccable in a tuxedo, the 44-year-old princess was imperial in her asymmetrical dress which contrasts with her previous look, black and transparent that she had sported for the opening of the new Panerai boutique on the Rock. The princely couple were present with dignity and elegance to support MyAsiaa Monegasque organization fighting for the environment.

In the caption of her post on Instagram alongside Charlene and Albert of Monaco, Monasia explains her approach, that of preserving what the Earth has given us and leaving our children the most beautiful legacy possible, despite the climate emergency: “We still have a chance to change everything and find a solution to the climate crisis if we act collectively with the intention of creating a better and greener future. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation offers us this unique opportunity to protect our planet and leave behind our contribution to future generations. In the future, they will see the damage we caused, but also the turning point, how we made up for lost time and turned the tide to end the destruction.

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