Charlene of Monaco and her shaved hair: she responds to the controversy for the first time: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

His change of cut has caused a lot of talk. Wednesday December 16, 2020, Charlene of Monaco surprised Monegasques by attending the traditional Christmas tree of the princely palace with a hairstyle quite different from her short blonde squares and her usual strict updos: a half hawk, a deconstructed and asymmetrical cut in which part of the head is shaved to zero. A bold choice for the former South African swimmer who married Prince Albert II of Monaco in 2011. Her first appearance, for which she also opted for a gold-colored glitter mask and midnight blue makeup, had received a lot of commentary in the media and on social networks. A month later, the princess agreed to respond to the controversy in the columns of Point of view on newsstands Wednesday January 20, 2021.

"It's my choice", says Charlene of Monaco

"This haircut is my decision. It seems that it has elicited all kinds of comments. I just happen to have wanted it for a long time, I like the style, that's all. Sure, I'm probably, of all the royals, the one who's tried the most different hairstyles, but I will continue. It's my choice", she explained, in the magazine she made the front page of this week. Charlene of Monaco does not care about the criticisms, to which she is accustomed since entering the princely family: "The remarks 'but hey, what is she doing?', 'But hey, it's not royal', I know them all too well. And I have nothing to say to them, except that it is 2021, and that in these troubled, so difficult times, other much more important subjects deserve our attention ", she estimated, referring to the health crisis linked to the coronavirus, which her husband also contracted in April 2020.

The 42-year-old mother still took advantage of this forum to focus on the i's: "What matters is that Jacques and Gabriella love to see their mom with her new face. And that, once the first effect of surprise has passed, the prince understands her and loves her too ".

Charlene de Monaco's new cup seen from the side Bruno Bebert / Pool Monaco / Bestimage

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