Charlene of Monaco, drawn features: Discover the evolution of her face, marked by hard times

Charlene of Monaco again made a remarkable appearance, present alongside Albert II of Monaco for the 2022 edition of the Sainte Dévote Rugby tournament at the Louis II Stadium in Monaco, this Saturday, May 7, 2022. Like each of her rare outings, the princess du Rocher is scrutinized, and it is difficult to miss the rather sad and tired look displayed by Charlene Wittstock. Dressed in a total denim look, perfectly successful, the South African revealed a smile, which reassured her fans, after her appearance on April 30, where she displayed a sad pout. Nevertheless, facial features of the mother of Gabriella and Jacques bears witness to a undeniable tiredness.

At 44, Charlene Wittstock has indeed changed a lot in the past two years, as the slideshow above proves. Her round cheeks gave way to a deeper face, over time. And in particular since these last months which have been very hard to live for the wife of Prince Albert of Monaco. Indeed, the ex-sportswoman seems to have had a series of disappointments for a few months. An ordeal that now seems endless when she was the victim of an otolaryngological infection. Stranded for months in South Africa far from her family, she was finally able to return to the Rock last November.

Great fatigue linked to his weakness

But weakened by her health problems, Charlene of Monaco had to be admitted “in a specialized establishment following great fatigue linked to his weakness“, establishment located in Switzerland, according to concordant sources.”In agreement with her doctors and while her recovery is on the right track, their Serene Highnesses have agreed together that Princess Charlene can now continue her convalescence in the Principality, with her husband and children.“, the palace said in March. The coming weeks were then due to him “allow for a full recovery so that they can gradually resume their official activities“.

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