Charlene of Monaco pictured with her wedding ring, her subtle response to bickering rumors

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Rumors keep coming, but don’t panic… Charlene de Monaco knows how to manage them with subtlety!

His absence was more than noticed during the traditional Rose Ball, which was held on Saturday 25 April at the Sporting Club de Monaco. Enough to feed ever more the feud rumors between her and her husband Prince Albert II. But that was without counting without his release the day before! Indeed, Charlene of Monaco wanted to let it be known that her couple is not floundering by displaying radiant and loving on the arm of her husband on the occasion of the ceremony of Woman of the Year Award, awarded by the Monaco Women’s Forum, at the Hôtel Hermitage in Monte-Carlo. An event that honoredof the committed women in the world of digital and technology, and in particular the work of three exceptional women Ms. Manila Di Giovanni, Ms. Leanne Robers and Professor Zimi Sawasha who receives the Monte-Carlo Woman of the Year 2023 award”, can we read on the Instagram account of the princely palace of Monaco. For this beautiful evening, the ex-swimmer appeared chic and bling in a long sleeveless dress with silver sequins by Arkis and accessorized with large platinum and diamond earrings from the high jewelry house Graff. Another detail and not the least, Charlene of Monaco had taken care of wear your wedding ring and thus remind whoever wishes that between her and her husband, the break is absolutely not consummated (see HERE).

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The Rose Ball… Not for Charlene!

Every year, the Grimaldi family organizes the Bal de la Rose, a philanthropic gala, between tradition and modernity, which for this 67th edition had “Bollywood” as its theme. An internationally renowned event worn by Grace Kelly, then taken over since his disappearance, by his eldest daughter, Princess Caroline of Monaco. But despite the major impact of this ball, one person does not seem to be a fan at all… And it is Charlene from Monaco. In fact, for several years now, wife of Prince Albert of Monaco dodge this gala. In 2018 and 2019, she was to absent subscribers ! The event was then suspended due to the pandemic, but for her big comeback in 2022, Charlene was once again absent for medical reasons, weakened by a serious ENT infection. For this 2023 edition, no illness, no Covid… And yet, Charlene did not wish to join her relatives, including Charlotte, Pierre and Andréa Casiraghi, as well as Caroline of Monaco and of course her husband. See you in 2024, to find out if this time she will make the effort to participate!

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