Charlene of Monaco: Robin, Lars, Massimiliano, Andre… Who are the princess’ exes?

Married for more than ten years to Prince Albert II of Monaco, Princess Charlene had several romances before joining him, one of which would have left an indelible mark on her.

Now known worldwide for her princely title, Charlene of Monaco was also a great athlete. Charlene Wittstockfrom his birth name, clearly marked his favorite sport, swimming, of his imprint. She distinguished herself in the most prestigious competitions, notably winning the South African championships at only 18 years old, or winning three gold medals at the 2002 World Cup. And it is quite naturally in this aquatic environment that she crossed paths with her different companionsas well as Prince Albert II, in 2000 at the Monaco international swimming meeting.

Before accepting the marriage proposal of the man who became the father of her two adorable children, Jacques and Gabriella, Charlene of Monaco would have shared the life of the international swimmer Robin Francis, now 40 years old. A native of South Africa, he represented Great Britain for more than a decade at the Olympic Games, Worlds and European Championships. In the heart of Charlene of Monaco there would also have been lars frolander, whose medal table is impressive and whose records are numerous. The Swede, removed from the pools since 2005, is now 48 years old. In the life of the princess, Massimiliano Rosolino would also have meant a lot since they would have stayed together for three years. Also a former professional swimmer, the Italian also has a very good track record. Currently 44 years old, he retired from sport in 2008.

Charlene de Monaco and Andre Snyman: a very painful breakup?

But it’s definitely Andre Snymanformer star of the Springboks, the South African rugby team, who would hold a special place among the ex-companions of Charlene of Monaco. Their breakup in 2003 would have “broken heart” of the princess, according to our colleagues from Here iswho quotes one of his relatives: “She thought it was a passing crisis and that they were going to pick up the pieces, but nothing came of it”.

Three years after this difficult separation, Charlene and Albert II of Monaco formalize their relationship. We are in February 2006 at the Olympic Games in Turin. In 2005, says The Telegram, Charlene Wittstock had written a comforting note to the attention of the prince after the death of his father, Rainier. And if he is not a professional athlete, Albert II of Monaco has in common with his future wife and the former chosen ones of his heart passion for sports. The princely couple announce their engagement in 2010. At that time, Charlene of Monaco had already given up her swimming career. Qualified for the Beijing Olympics in 2007, she had given up participating because of a shoulder injury. And kissing this new life with Prince Albert, Charlene de Monaco becomes a mother in 2014.

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