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The year 2020 will have been the year of short and modern haircuts. On November 16, it was Charlene of Monaco who confirmed the trend of the year by sporting a half hawk, on the occasion of the traditional presentation of Santa's gifts to little Monegasques. A daring and unusual choice for the princess who usually always bets on understated and elegant looks. To end this very special year, the famous South African ex swimmer has decided to opt for a whole new look, and brought up to date this hairstyle long prized by stars, such as Rihanna or Pink.

What exactly is the half hawk?

The half hawk (whose name refers to the Mo-hawk hairstyle prized by a tribe of American Indians) is a rock-cut haircut. The principle ? Show part of the head shaved. On shoulder-length, long or short hair, this daring hair look always has its effect! Famous singer Rihanna wears it in style in her music video Diamonds. Pink, meanwhile, has made it her signature by associating it with a platinum blonde color, for an even more rock look! Kristen Stewart, Jada Smith and Scarlett Johansson have also dared this crazy look. Clearly, the half hawk is the ideal short haircut for those who are looking for a daring hair change, and who want to fall for a completely androgynous look. Are you going to fall for the trend yourself?

⋙ Charlene of Monaco, Rihanna, Pink… people fall for the half hawk cup (in pictures)

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