Charlene of Monaco with a shaved head, Prince Albert in Crocs, discover the surprising Christmas of the princely family: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

The Christmas of the princely family of Monaco had something to surprise this year … Indeed, on December 24, 2020, Charlene and Albert of Monaco reunited their whole family to celebrate New Year's Eve: their twins Jacques and Gabriella (who celebrated their sixth birthday on December 10), Stéphanie from Monaco and her children Louis Ducruet (28), Pauline Ducruet (26) and Camille Gottlieb (22), as well as Marie, the wife of Louis. Naturally, the moment has been immortalized and, to the delight of fans, Charlene of Monaco has published some pictures on his Instagram account. And they were particularly noticed! Indeed, there are many details to note on these photos… Among other things, the punk cut of Princess Charlene was still visible, she who had already surprised more than once with half of his head shaved. But we could also notice … Prince Albert's shoes, which are not very princely!

Prince Albert wears … Crocs!

In the first group photo, the whole small troop poses in front of the big tree. We can then see the festive outfits worn by the members of the princely family: Stéphanie of Monaco and Camille Gottlieb put on their patterned Christmas sweaters, as for the others, they are all matched in red and black. But someone particularly attracts attention : Prince Albert, dressed all in red, wears a sweater with the inscription "Keep Calm and ho ho ho ". And detail to say the least surprising: he wears a pair of Crocs on his feet! Very unconventional shoes that can surprise a prince a lot, of course, but the family wants to be modern today … and we understand that it can well break the conventions for this special day. In the second photo, we can see the heir to the throne playing with the twins, with on his head a Santa hat and wacky glasses to amuse his young children. We understand, Albert is a cool prince!

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