Charlene von Monaco: So she stands now to Prince Albert

Charlene of Monaco
So she now stands with Prince Albert

Prince Albert II and Charlene of Monaco

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Charlene von Monaco assures in a new interview that she is a thousand percent behind her husband, Prince Albert II.

Charlene von Monaco (42) is fully behind her "loyal" husband, Prince Albert II of Monaco (62), as she announced in a new interview. The declaration of love comes after it became known in December that the prince could face new paternity proceedings, as reported by the Daily Mail, among other things. Accordingly, he is said to have fathered a child with a secret affair – at a time when he was already dating Charlene.

In an interview with "Point du Vue", the former swimmer, when asked about her role next to the prince, said that she was "a thousand percent" behind him. She often tells him, "I will stand by you whatever you do, good times or bad." Her new hairstyle – a punk undercut on the temple – has nothing to do with the rumors. She would have wanted the hairstyle for a long time, simply because she liked it.

Prince Albert already has two illegitimate children. A letter from a third child is said to have reached him in September 2020. The now 15-year-old is said to come from a liaison with a 34-year-old Brazilian who wants to remain anonymous. Prince Albert's lawyers disagree with the claim. The trial date should be set for February.