Charles Berling curbs Vincent Cassel after his remarks on masculinity: “It’s nonsense!”

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Charles Berling reacts to Vincent Cassel’s recent remarks about masculinity, which sparked strong reactions last month. Without jargon, he sends his colleague back to the patriarchy and evokes a way of thinking that belongs to the past.

In the cast of the TV movie The Whistlers the first part of which was broadcast on France 2 on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, Charles Berling promoted it to TV 7 Days. The actor who is very sensitive to the fight against violence against women which this TV movie deals with took advantage of this interview to bounce back on the recent declarations of Vincent Cassel For The Guardian last month about the evolution of the image of masculinity in society. “If men become too vulnerable and too feminine, I think there is going to be a problem” he said in particular, causing an uproar. For Charles Berling, “it makes no sense”. For him, these words are “ridiculous” and this way of thinking belongs to the past.

This is essentially what he confirmed to our colleagues without taking the gloves off. “I really like Vincent but how expressing your femininity would be degrading ?” he first advanced, before drawing a comparison with the invectives of the Russian president to the Ukrainian president. “I’m thinking of Putin’s words, about Zelensky: ‘Whether you like it or not, my pretty, you’ll have to put up with it.’ the atrocious word of patriarchy in its most vulgar expression he added. And that’s not all ! Charles Berling continued his speech with some animosity. “You could say that he belongs to a time when men did not value feminine sensibility. A generation shaped by patriarchy that considers thata relationship without consent is not necessarily rape he finally concluded.

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Charles Berling knights his son at the theater

other than by The Whistlersthe ex of Carla Bruni is also occupied by The Terrible Parents, a new adaptation of the famous play written by Jean Cocteau played on the boards of the Hébertot Theater (Paris), until April 30. We find at his side his only son Emile Berlingborn in 1990 from his love with the photographer Sophie Hatier.

If the 30-year-old started an acting career very early on, it is a first for him to play on stage in live conditions, without a safety net. “As I have done a lot of theatre, the question is how to introduce your child to this joy” remembered Charles Berling about their father-son collaboration for The Terrible Parentson the set of Telematin last month. In the process, a video from Emile Berling was broadcast on the France 2 broadcast: “This video to tell you that I’ve never been closer to you than on the boards he had addressed to his father, arousing a certain emotion.


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