Charles III, Francophile and Francophone, but…

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LETTER FROM BUCKINGHAM. The king, who will be on an official visit to our country from March 26 to 29, has a long history with France.

From our correspondent in London, Marc Roche

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Francophile and francophone: King Charles III shares the same attachment to France as his late mother Elizabeth II. The choice of France to make its first official visit, from March 26 to 29, illustrates the continuity of this affection. If Her Majesty speaks other languages ​​– such as Welsh and German – she more readily handles the French studied during her secondary studies at the Scottish boarding school in Gordonstoun. The person concerned has the same charming accent that the French adored in his late mother.

The author of these lines was able to measure his current practice during a meeting at the banquet offered on March 26, 2008 by Elizabeth II to the President and Sarkozy at Windsor Castle.

– “Delighted, Your Royal Highness

– What do you do for a living ?

– I s…

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