Charlotte Gainsbourg shares a rare and magnificent photo of her two daughters, Alice and Jo Attal: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Since July 2023 and the death of his mother, Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg has a heavy heart. Saturday October 21, 2023, the actress was present at the Lumière Festival, in Cannes, to discuss her documentary entitled Jane by Charlotte, based on his relationship with his mother. The opportunity for her to give back a new moving tribute to the woman who was considered the most French of the British. “I haven’t yet dared to imagine what this film will mean to me in the future. I miss her so much that I haven’t formulated anything yet”she declared with a trembling voice, as reported Here is, before adding: “All these questions I was going to ask, impatient to hear her answers, her reactions. We had an immense pleasure in meeting each other, getting a little closer each time, her generosity growing little by little. that she talked about everything”. Once again, it was without a doubt among her family that she was able to find comfort. Mother of three children, Ben (born in 1997), Alice (born in 2002) and Jo (born in 2011), Yvan Attal’s partner spent a special time with her two daughters Tuesday October 24, 2023.

Charlotte Gainsbourg enjoys spending time in New York

Indeed, mother and daughters took a little getaway to New York. The opportunity for the 52-year-old actress to immortalize this moment. In story of his Instagram account, she shared a photo of her daughters aged 21 and 12 respectively. On the picture, they both hold each other in their arms in the streets of New York. For Charlotte Gainsbourg, it was a return to her roots since she had chosen to settle there in 2013, six months after the death of her sister Kate Barry, before finally returning to France in 2020. “I had the feeling of escaping in fact, of leaving Paris, where my sister died six months before. My mother was obviously doing very badly, my sister Lou too. But I was saving my skin”explained the mother in the podcast Totemic of Radio Francein April 2023. “I felt like I was reborn there […] I discovered, at the age I was – I was 42 – a new city and no landmarks. It was a new youth”, she added. No doubt she must have been very happy to spend time with her daughters in the Big Apple.

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