Charts Japan: on Switch, Persona 5 Royal has beautiful remains

Started on September 15, 2016 in Japan on PS3 and PS4, the story of Joker and the Phantom Thieves has one more act 6 years later with the cross-platform rollout of Persona 5 Royal. As with NieR Automata, age does not prevent such a popular title from achieving a very decent figure when it was released on Switch, namely close to 46,000 sales. Inevitably less useful, the PS5 port achieves just over 5,000 sales only. As a reminder, Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal had initially achieved 345,000 and 200,000 sales respectively for the week of their release in Japan. For the record, Gotham Knights is 13th in the ranking with 3,125 sales on PS5. It’s tough, Japan.

On the console sales side, the fact of the week goes to 2 million PS5s, a milestone that Japan crosses only a few days after the United Kingdom. Shortage obliges, the PS5 will have taken 102 weeks to cross this course, which makes it the slowest PlayStation for the moment. At the same stage, there were already 7 million PS2 in Japan, 4 million PSP, 2.4 million PS3, 2.4 million PS4 and 2.1 million PS Vita. In the other direction, the PS5 can always boast of doing better than the Wii U, the Dreamcast, the WonderSwan, the NeoGeo Pocket and all the Xboxes. We comfort each other as best we can.

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