ChatGPT, Bard: Google’s search engine gentleman warns against AI “hallucinations”

Alexander Boero

February 13, 2023 at 11:21 a.m.


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Prabhakar Raghavan, the Mr. Search Engine, Assistant, Ads and Payments of Google, alert on chatbots and their results “ mind-blowing “.

The upheaval, or rather the tidal wave with AI sauce caused by ChatGPT arouses all reactions, both verbal and technological. Google is one of those players who have decided to unveil their own conversational robot powered by artificial intelligence to the general public. That of the firm thus responds to the name of Bard. But on the side of the Mountain View firm, not everyone is yet fully convinced of the place that chatbots are taking, both in decision-making and in the media. Corporate figure Prabhakar Raghavan is one of those and warns.

A convincing answer, but completely made up »

He is one of the emblematic figures of Google, at the head of the Search, Assistant, Ads, Commerce, Payments and Geo products. Suffice to say that algorithms are his hobby. Prabhakar Raghavan’s opinion on the question of chatbots counts, and he precisely wanted to deliver it to our German colleagues at Welt Am Sonntag this week-end.

This type of artificial intelligence that we are talking about right now can sometimes lead to what we call hallucinations “, he explained to the newspaper. But what does he mean by that? ” It is expressed in such a way, that a machine provides a convincing, but completely invented or fictitious answer. »

For Raghavan, one of the most important tasks today is to reduce this effect to a minimum and to be a guarantee of efficiency in order to offer the public a reliable tool. ” We’re thinking about how we can incorporate these options into our search functions, especially for questions that don’t have just one answer “Said the senior vice-president of the American giant.

The road is still long

Google, which, without saying so, may have rushed its Bard, nevertheless intends to take its time to make its chatbot public. ” Of course we feel the urgency, but we also feel the great responsibility “says Raghavan. He adds that he does not want mislead the public “.

In response to OpenAI, a start-up supported by Microsoft, Google last week presented its conversational robot Bard, not without a quack by giving a bad answer in full demonstration. This hiccup did not go unnoticed, moreover, and led to a sharp drop in the group’s stock, which plunged its valuation by around 100 billion dollars.

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