ChatGPT refreshes its knowledge, but not for everyone

ChatGPT now knows everything there is to know until the end of 2023. Useful for talking to him about even recent events, except that this may not be the case with you. We’ll explain it to you.

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ChatGPT was released on November 30, 2022. Already more than a year since chatbot boosted with artificial intelligence has landed in the daily lives of Internet users, a prelude to AI tidal wave which we haven’t stopped talking about ever since. At the time he already knew a lot, but its knowledge is restricted to what happened in the world before September 2021. This is certainly already a lot, except that as time passes, this limitation becomes annoying.

The pitfall is corrected in September 2023, when the parent company OpenAI announces that ChatGPT can now connect to the Internet and expand its database with newer information. A little later, the arrival of GPT-4 Turbo made the AI ​​more efficient than before. In summary, it is a big update expanding what the AI ​​considers before responding. Where is the chatbot now? The OpenAI documentation gives us the answer.

ChatGPT knows more now, unless you are in this situation

It can be read that ChatGPT is up to date with everything that happened until December 2023. You can talk to him about things that happened until very recently, he will be able to understand what it is about and respond to you adequately. But before you log into the chatbot’s web interface or app, there is something very important to know: This AI knowledge update is reserved for its paid version.

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If you are using the free version based on ChatGPT 3.5 and not 4, the situation is different. If you ask him how much knowledge he has, you will get the following answer: “my knowledge is based on a wide variety of texts and data until January 2022“. So there is almost two years apart between GPT 3.5 and GPT-4 at this level. No point asking him who won the handball world cup in 2023, so he won’t know.

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