“Chefier by plan” – Small town defies electricity providers

Step by step towards self-sufficiency in electricity: Laa an der Thaya specifically taps into the – often dormant – energy potential. Long-term goal: to gradually become self-sufficient in electricity and to offer citizens cheaper energy prices. Possibilities are analyzed at both the municipal and private level.

Laa an der Thaya’s “Green Deal”: Who needs electricity, who generates excess energy? Cooperation in electricity production between neighboring houses and in settlements has proven to be expedient. It is not always someone who takes the scepter in hand to benefit from the cheaper tariffs. “Manifesto” approved by the municipal councilIn Laa, they go one step further: As part of the “Green Manifesto”, as many resources as possible in the city are bundled in a targeted manner. For this purpose, an expert analyzes the existing potential for photovoltaics in the community – both in the private sector and in municipal buildings. Because, depending on the location and regulations such as monument protection, it is not possible to install modern panels everywhere. Profit is not the goal, but distribution. The specific goal of the “Green Deal” is not to make a profit from the sale of excess electricity, but others To let citizens without the possibility of a PV system “snack” on the discounted energy cake within the framework of a cooperative. This approach also has the advantage that plants do not proliferate uncontrolled in the city. Large info day with star guest The idea has already been nudged by surrounding communities such as Ladendorf. Information and advice will be given in Laa on October 13th as part of an event about the project, which is also to include other forms of energy such as geothermal energy. It can be revealed: Weatherman Markus Wadsak wants to be in front of the (electricity) cart as a star guest and testimonial.
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