Chemical alert? – Gleisdorf: Hundreds of dead fish in the Raab

A mass fish death in the Raab near Gleisdorf is causing concern: supervisor fisherman Josef Petz discovered several hundred dead fish, and the fire brigade collected the carcasses on Monday. The cause is still unclear, the chemical alarm service was switched on.

The Gleisdorf supervisory fisherman Josef Petz made a disturbing and sad discovery during a routine round on Sunday: In the Raab, above the Gleisdorf articulated weir, he discovered several hundred dead fish. The Gleisdorf fire brigade also requested this on Monday: the Florianis went onto the water with zills and collected the carcasses. It is still unclear why the fish died. The chemical alarm service of the Weiz district authority was switched on, laboratory results are still pending. Petz, the supervisory fisherman, does not want to deal with assumptions now: “We are now waiting for the official investigations and will continue to monitor the area closely.”
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