Chevaline slaughter: custody lifted, “no charge” against the witness

The man who had been taken into custody on Wednesday January 12 as part of the investigation into the so-called “Killing of Chevaline” case of September 5, 2012, was released on Thursday afternoon. No charges were brought against him.

“The explanations given and the checks carried out made it possible to rule out his possible participation in the facts”, indicates the parquet floor of Annecy in a press release.

This witness had been placed in police custody on Wednesday to “proceed with schedule checks”. Searches were also carried out at his home. In the evening, the Annecy prosecutor announced that his police custody was extended.

The lawyer for this man, Me Jean-Christophe Basson-Larbi, had judged with AFP an “unjustified” police custody, stressing that his client had already been heard “as a simple witness” in this case before “d be exonerated in 2015”.

Abandoned tracks

On September 5, 2012, Saad al-Hilli, a British engineer of Iraqi origin, his wife and his mother-in-law were killed by several bullets in their car, on a small forest road near Chevaline (Haute-Savoie). A cyclist, probable collateral victim, is also killed. One of the couple’s little girls is seriously injured, the second, hidden under her mother’s legs, miraculously comes out unscathed.

The investigation turned in turn to a family dispute with Saad’s brother, to a spy case and to a mysterious biker. But these leads were dropped one by one.

It is one of the highest-profile unsolved court cases in the country. The hours of investigation and hearings are counted in the thousands, but the mystery still remains intact.

The investigations are continuing, and three investigators from the Chambéry research section are working full time on the case.

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