Cheyenne Pahde: ​​to be seen in Playboy soon?


What is currently going on? What used to be hidden under the bed as a dirty magazine is apparently a figurehead nowadays: The news of happily excited women who proudly undress for the Playboy is piling up.

First Laura Müller, then Madeleine Krakor – it seems that the Playboy is more fashionable than ever. Now another person could move in, some of whom might be familiar with from the previous evening's program … It's about the "Everything that counts" actress Cheyenne Pahde (plays Marie Schmidt)!

Does Cheyenne Pahde want to playboy?

RTL met the actresses Madeleine Krakor and Cheyenne Pahde. The former made headlines with her Playboy photos this week. But the interview took a surprising turn – because suddenly the topic seemed to be particularly popular with colleague Cheyenne Pahde.

First she emphasized in detail how happy she was for Madeleine. Cheyenne can hardly hide her enthusiasm for the Playboy photos. She immediately wrote to her former colleague from the series, who sent her the message by voice message, and was "extremely happy". With all the fascination, of course, there was one question: could Cheyenne imagine presenting himself for the Playboy?

I am now at such an age that I would not like to do it because I just feel too young for it

Cheyenne Pahde, at 25, still feels a little too young for the nude photos. Many women experience increasing self-confidence as they get older. Being at peace with yourself and your body, feeling good – it is often this charisma that makes erotic photos so attractive.

So Cheyenne also wants to take his time. But: A clear "no" definitely sounds different! We are excited to see what will happen to the actress over the next few years. Finally, the following sentence fell in the interview:

As Justin Bieber said: Never say never

Who's Cheyenne Pahde?

  • Cheyenne Pahde is a German actress

  • She was born on October 4, 1994 in Munich

  • She and her sister Valentina became known as Pahde twins, both of whom are involved in “Holiday on Ice”

  • Cheyenne Pahde has been part of the RTL soap "Everything that counts" since 2016

Sources used: RTL, Instagram