children locked in plastic boxes in a Thai school

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To limit the risks of the coronavirus spreading, a school in Bangkok has put in place a strict and radical system to ensure that physical distancing is respected by toddlers.

Nearly 250 schoolchildren from this Wat Khlongtoei School have been isolated in plastic boxes to limit the risk of covid-19 contamination. While this establishment had been closed since March following announcements by the Thai government, it reopened in June by taking drastic precautions to fight the virus.

So the children had to spend five days a week in plastic cages, whether it was to attend classes, play with friends during recess or even rest during a nap. In addition, they must wear masks inside its airtight boxes. "Once the pupils arrive at school, the teachers give them masks because it is compulsory to wear them", says Chuchart Thiengtham, the school principal. He also adds that the school provided visors for students to ensure more safety during certain activities.

Numerous systems put in place

But that's not all ! All over the school, thermometers are available for children, as well as soap in each classroom. Many markings are also present to define the space of each with sinks in all classes.

One thing is certain, schoolchildren and teachers have every opportunity to stay healthy. However, this situation must be difficult to bear on a daily basis for these children who find themselves in an unrecognizable and very strict school environment, preventing them from coming into contact with their peers and regaining normality.

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Video by Loïcia Fouillen