Children who spend time with their grandparents are happier, according to this study


According to this English study, spending time with grandparents would be beneficial in reducing emotional and behavioral problems and improving social relationships.

Ah grandparents, those people who spoil us and always ask us a thousand times if we are hungry, even after a big meal. The weekends spent at home are still wonderful memories: cooking together, watching movies, doing activities and games, this time is clearly one of the best.

According to this study published by the University of Oxford, UK, children who spend time with their grandparents are happier than others. Thus, they would have fewer problems in life, less emotional and behavioral problems. They would also be more sociable and maintain good relationships with other family members.

A source of support for children

To arrive at this finding, Professor Ann Buchanan of the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, looked at the cases of 1,500 children for her study. The results show that being close to your grandparents would be beneficial for the child's development. Additionally, the study found that grandmothers play a more nurturing role while grandfathers become mentors of their grandchildren.

Kimberly Agresta, the co-founder of the Agresta psychotherapy group in Englewood, also notes that grandparents are a support for them. "If parents involve grandparents in their child's life from the start, a child can develop real emotional closeness to the grandparent and begin to see him as a source of strong social support.", she says in an interview.

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A sense of security

In some complicated situations, many children take refuge in their arms, such as in the case of divorce or bullying. "In potentially traumatic situations, like if a child's parents divorce or are bullied at school, these situations have less impact because there are other people in their life who support them. . "

Children also feel safer, because grandparents will not punish or scold them. "Since grandparents are not usually responsible for disciplining or raising the child, they are able to love him a little more freely and unconditionally than a parent.", explains Agresta.

Toddlers can also be inspired by the lives and experiences of their grandparents. "They are a wealth of knowledge and information, and not only can they pass on valuable skills learned from real life experience, but they can also share the past with their grandchildren," emphasizes Kimberly Agresta. "They can serve as historians, sharing all kinds of traditions and stories about when their own children were growing up, which creates a sense of continuity for a child."

All the more reason to see them more often!