Children’s birthday party: ideas for indoors and outdoors

Children look forward to their birthday like snow kings – no wonder, the day is also something special and should be celebrated appropriately. We’ll introduce you to beautiful ideas for children’s birthday parties for indoors and outdoors as well as delicious recipe ideas that children love.

Nothing should go wrong on the birthday child’s special day. This checklist helps to keep an overview:

How many guests should be invited? There is no general answer to this and it also depends on the child. Does it feel more comfortable in a small group or does it prefer to have a lot of children around? As many guests as the age of the birthday child is a rule to orientate yourself by can.

A birthday cake should certainly not be missing on this special day. In the gallery you will find the best cakes for a children’s birthday party:

Whether it’s a pizza treasure map or a cucumber crocodile, these delicacies are part of the perfect buffet for children. Tip: This shark tank jelly is a cute eye-catcher!


A motto is not absolutely necessary, but dressing up is not only popular for Halloween, many children also have great fun at birthday parties. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is and whether you are celebrating inside or outside. Possible mottos:

  • Sea / mermaid
  • zoo
  • farm
  • monster
  • unicorn
  • Knight
  • Pirates
  • Soccer
  • fairy tale
  • Rainbow
  • detective
  • circus
  • Favorite animal of the child (e.g. horse, dog, …)
  • Favorite character / film character

Children’s birthday: ideas for indoors

Most of the activities take place indoors, especially in wet autumn and cold winter, which is of course not an obstacle to a great birthday party. A cozy slumber party (with breakfast together the next day) is a big highlight for children.

A scavenger hunt and / or theme party is possible both outdoors and indoors. A treasure hunt is just one of many possible indoor birthday party activities. Lots of games, handicraft projects and other experiences are available for a successful party.

1. Crafting

Handicrafts are not only fun, the little ones can also take their self-made treasure home with them as a nice souvenir. The projects do not have to be complicated and time-consuming, how about, for example …

Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter: You can perfectly incorporate the right season or festive occasions into handicraft projects, e.g. B. when tinkering with leaves, craft ideas for the winter

Here you will find more ideas for crafting with toddlers and crafting instructions.

2. Games

Chocolate kiss eating contest

This funny and sweet fun is not only a joy for smaller children. It takes almost no organizational effort and just a few chocolate kisses – and you’re good to go:

  1. The children sit down at a table, each with a chocolate kiss in front of them.
  2. Everyone crosses their hands behind their backs.
  3. At the start, everyone starts to nibble on their chocolate kisses – without the help of their hands!
  4. Whoever is the first to finish off his delicacy completely is the winner!

Balloon dance

Laughs are guaranteed with the balloon dance! Two children always play together here, so the game is also ideal for larger groups. Now all that’s missing is balloons and music:

  1. The constellations of two face each other and clamp an inflated balloon between their foreheads. Hands remain on the back.
  2. Now the music starts and the couples dance, not losing the balloon. In that case, they are eliminated!
  3. The last couple with a balloon wins.

And another 5 classics that everyone probably knows:

  1. Unpack the chocolate
  2. Trip to Jerusalem
  3. silent post
  4. Hitting the pot
  5. Blindman’s Buff

3. Inside, but outside

© NadyaEugene / Shutterstock

Sometimes the little ones also wish to celebrate away for their birthday. These are beautiful party locations:

  • Indoor ski area
  • climbing hall
  • Indoor playground
  • Swimming pool
  • Indoor mini golf / bowling / skittle alley
  • movie theater
  • museum

Celebrating a child’s birthday outside

If the weather cooperates, the birthday child is sure to be happy about an outdoor celebration. Fun games are a must in your own garden or in the park.

1. Games

Treasure hunt

Children's birthday ideas: children with a treasure map

© Sergey Novikov / Shutterstock

A treasure hunt challenges the children, lets them get active and solve puzzles together – great fun! A scavenger hunt like this is also suitable for kindergarten children in a light version. Here you can find what you should pay attention to when organizing as well as tips and inspiration for the treasure hunt.

DIY skittles

You don’t even need a bowling alley for bowling fun! In the video we show you how easy it is to make a bowling game yourself:

Children's birthday party: ideas and tips for lots of fun!

And another 5 classics that everyone probably knows:

  1. Sack race
  2. Apple dipping
  3. Egg running
  4. Sapling change you
  5. Three-legged race

2. Outside, but not in your own garden

The following locations for a children’s birthday party are also a special experience:

  • Nature discovery trail
  • Horse farm
  • zoo
  • outdoor pool
  • a nice option for the winter: ice rink

Do you want to talk to other parents about games and leisure activities? Then take a look at our BRIGITTE Community.