Children’s shopping trolleys: This is what the long flags are actually intended for

Child safety
This is what the flags on children’s shopping trolleys actually have

Shopping trolleys for children are not only popular with this target group.


Not only parents appreciate the child-sized shopping trolleys in the supermarket, which have a long pole with a flag that can be controlled with one hand. But hardly any of us know the true function of the flag.

Stressed parents on a shopping tour know from experience: For children, the special children’s shopping carts are the absolute highlight every time they go to the supermarket. But older people or spontaneous shoppers are also opting for these trolleys more and more often, because their higher handle makes them very easy to use.

Children’s shopping cart – that is their safety function

Especially for children, however, the manufacturers of the special trolleys paid attention to something completely different when developing them. If the worst comes to the worst, the flagpole that is tied to the wagon can actually save lives – and, incidentally, also fulfill a safety function that most of us would probably not have realized so quickly. You can find out why this is so and how the function works in the video.

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