China: Baby born four years after parents' death

What a fate: the little Tiantian was born in China a few weeks ago. The special thing: his parents died more than four years ago.

New life thanks to the grandparents

The story of the little boy is moving: his parents were unable to have children naturally and decided to use artificial insemination. Doctors took semen and egg cells, and four embryos gave them hope of having children.

But then fate struck. Only a few weeks before the mother was able to have an embryo inserted, the father and mother died in a car accident. The couple's parents were in deep grief – and saw the embryos as a chance to let their children live on in a new life.

Birth with obstacles

But the path to birth was complicated. Because surrogacy was not allowed in China, the embryos could not simply be used on another woman. The result: the grandparents took the embryos and left the country with them – in Laos they finally found the opportunity to have one of the embryos carried out by a surrogate mother.

In the end, the little Tiantian was born a good four years after the death of his parents. The grandparents don't want to tell him that mom and dad are no longer alive. They tell him that his parents live abroad. He should only learn the truth when he is "older and wiser" …

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