China: the terrible cries of the inhabitants of a confined and desperate Shanghai district (video)

Having become the epicenter of coronavirus contamination, the Chinese city of Shanghai, the third most populous on the planet with 26 million inhabitants, is now a ghost town after two weeks of confinement. And the zero Covid strategy put in place by the health authorities seems to despair more and more inhabitants.

In a video posted on Twitter, residents of an entire neighborhood of the city, in which no one is allowed to leave their homes even to get basic necessities, did not hesitate to express their frustration. le-bol shouting and yelling at their window, defying the prohibitions.

An extremely rare attitude in a country, China, where any manifestation of disapproval against the government can be harshly sanctioned.

Locked up at home, the inhabitants of this district of Shanghai are also reminded of health measures by a drone. “Control your soul’s desire for freedom”, would indicate the device during its various passages, according to several concordant sources.

Faced with the closure of supermarkets, the inhabitants of Shanghai are trying by all means to have food and mineral water delivered.

Fae to an increase in tensions, the authorities have however announced that they will gradually authorize areas with the least contamination to move outside their neighborhood.

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