Chinese horoscope for Saturday, October 30, 2021

Daily Chinese horoscope: discover Aufeminin’s Chinese horoscope for Saturday, October 30, 2021

Horoscope Rat

You will have to be attentive to maintain a permanent dialogue with your spouse or partner. At work, without being exceptional, this day will bring you small satisfactions on a professional level. On the health side, you haven’t been fishing lately. But you have a morale of steel, and that is the most important! On the money side, beware of the recommendations given by your relatives in financial matters; trust specialists more.

Chinese proverb of the day: if the heart desires, saliva comes to the mouth; if the heart is sad, tears come to the eyes

Ox horoscope

On the love side, everything will be easier if you can get along well with your spouse or partner. In your job, do not take too many risks, not that the planets are against you, but because you will be particularly impatient today. In terms of health, it will be a good day for you: no pain, no fatigue, you will be fine today. From a financial point of view, stay reasonable if you want to save some savings for your vacation or otherwise.

Chinese proverb of the day: a word from the heart keeps you warm for three winters

Tiger Horoscope

And in terms of love? You will be able to prevent a perilous confrontation if you diplomatically and tactfully seek to communicate with your loved one and make him admit certain things. In the office, be sure to channel your energy and your ambitions, otherwise you are likely to scatter and scatter your efforts in all directions. As for your health, everything is going well, although you could be in better shape if you made the effort to go to bed a little earlier. When it comes to money, it is in your interest to be very careful and do everything to protect your finances.

Chinese proverb of the day: the ten thousand things proceed from fate, not half of one belongs to man.

Horoscope Cat

In love, the fact that disagreements are increasing more and more should alert you, even if, for now, it does not seem to harm your marital union. At the office, nothing to report. It’s quiet, maybe a little too much … What about your health today? Nothing special: you will not be tired and will not feel any pain. In terms of money, despite some financial successes, it will be necessary to avoid being intoxicated by the success.

Chinese proverb of the day: be rich and your words are held to be true; be poor, they are not taken to be true.

Dragon Horoscope

As for the heart, you are coming out of a complicated period and fear that it will affect your romantic life. But don’t worry, learn to trust and everything will be fine. On the employment side, the only difficulties during this period may come from your behavior. From a health point of view, do not sit back in front of a TV when returning to your home! About the money, if you are careful with your purchases, you will not have a problem to end the month in a positive way.

Chinese proverb of the day: good fortune is a reward for the good, it is a calamity for the wicked.

Snake horoscope

On the heart side, you will feel more conquering. Regarding your professional activity, try to definitively resolve certain problems that regularly oppose you to your colleagues or collaborators. On the fitness side, regular physical activity that you practice at home, in your living room, will be enough to satisfy your need to let off steam! And what about your finances? If you let go, you risk getting caught up in intricate complications. Pay more attention!

Chinese proverb of the day: to make yourself respect others, respect others.

Horse Horoscope

In terms of love, you will want to meet a multitude of people, but you will wonder if you are making the right choices. At work, even if analysis is a strong point for you, you can rely on your flair to apprehend the situations that arise. Health wise, look for decompression or you would always be missing out on a lot. On the money side, the investment will be closely watched.

Chinese proverb of the day: respect for the law is the real strength.

Horoscope Goat

In love, be patient! At work, unlike your usual practice, you will be tempted to take excessive risks; it will awaken in you a little adventurous side that you will have to master under penalty of disappointments. In terms of health, be sure to adopt a healthy lifestyle, thanks to a diet that is both light and energetic, mainly based on proteins and vitamins, and to the regular practice of a sport such as swimming or swimming. walk. On the financial level, it is important to keep in mind the budgetary possibilities that you benefit from so as not to face unpleasant surprises.

Chinese proverb of the day: better a thousand refusals than a broken promise.

Monkey Horoscope

On the love side, you are a little worried lately. However, don’t let previous relationships impact your trust in your partner today! On the work side, a calm and carefree day awaits you. You will have the opportunity to advance some projects. In terms of health, you are a little tense. Reading is what would do you the most good right now. On the budget side, continue to save and spend in a measured way, it will soon pay off!

Chinese proverb of the day: when the wind does not blow, the tree does not stir.

Rooster Horoscope

On the love side, we have seen better, but nothing to worry about. You and your other half need to find each other. On the professional side, you have recently had praise for your work, despite the grind that sets in and bothers you. Ask your manager if you can work on new tasks, it will take you out of the routine. Regarding health, nothing special to report! You feel good and your morale is doing well too. When it comes to your finances, you’ll be tempted to spend today.

Chinese proverb of the day: you never need your mind so much as when you are dealing with a fool.

Dog Horoscope

As for the heart, nothing says that the encounters you will make will satisfy you. On the work side, upheavals are to be feared in your career. Take care of your health today. Take advantage of your free time to really relax: instead of accumulating all kinds of irrelevant activities, get as much rest as possible and engage in non-violent physical activity such as swimming or walking. Regarding the financial aspect, you have put some money aside recently, it’s a good start! Keep up the momentum, and you can finally invest or make that real estate purchase that makes you dream so much.

Chinese proverb of the day: the portrait of a good father is a book for his son.

Pig Horoscope

On a heart level, reason takes precedence over emotions. At work, do not waste a minute contemplating large projects that you would not be able to carry out. When it comes to health, try to balance your efforts and limit all forms of stress. Money level, you can hardly resist the urge to please yourself.

Chinese proverb of the day: he who has talent does not leave his homeland; he who has a tainted reputation does not leave his father’s house

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