Chinese horoscope for Tuesday, January 19, 2021, day of the Fire Rabbit: Current Woman The MAG

The Rabbit is the first animal of the Chinese bestiary to introduce such power of love and self-giving. It allows others to pass from the intelligence of the brain to the intelligence of the heart. This is how he approaches life in any situation, preferring to listen to his emotions rather than to reason. He defies the laws of nature with his pugnacity and the hope he injects into everything he initiates. Entrepreneur at heart, he is enough seducer to showcase what he wants to broadcast to the world. He has all the qualities necessary for transmit and teach fundamental knowledge to others. It is like bamboo: in its fragile or vulnerable aspects, it is the one that best withstands bad weather because it knows how to bend when necessary. His flexibility is his secret weapon, he can thus confuse his audience by taking surprising positions. The Rabbit is made exclusively from Yin Wood.

Associated with Fire Yin, the energy of the Fire Rabbit can be very diffuse, motivated by the desire to share and to grow collective consciousness. With a benevolent intention, the transmission is comforting and warm, even if sometimes the Fire Rabbit would like to give more. The anger is bound to turn into hysteria if he can't continue to be in the conversation. He needsevolve within a collective sharing the same love of life to fully realize themselves

  • The colors of the Fire Rabbit: the colors Wood (sky blue, pale blue, almond green, pale green) and Fire (red, pale pink, mauve)
  • The Rabbit's allies to qualify his strategy: the Pig and the Goat.
  • Its allies to implement its strategy: the Tiger and the Dragon.
  • The animal that questions him: rooster
  • The animal that soothes him: the dog

SUMMARY of your Chinese horoscope for Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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Pig, your daily Chinese horoscope

Rat, your Chinese horoscope for Tuesday, January 19, 2021

What if for a few hours you stop asking yourself questions? Seen in this light, it just seems infeasible to you. There is so many uncertainties around and inside you. Fears, and in particular that of doing badly or not being able to do it. All of these inner questions carry so much weight that they manage to immobilize you. They can even maintain your discouragement. Once you perceive that all of this exists first and foremost inside you before it exists outside, then you will have the ability to get in motion. You may be surprised at how strong you are in achieving what needs to be accomplished. Write down in your logbook all the identified fears that were blocking you to move forward and what you did to get out. ⋙ Quickly discover the Chinese horoscope 2021 for the Rat

Beef or Buffalo, your Chinese horoscope for Tuesday, January 19, 2021

If you like everything to be in its place, then you might be surprised by disappointments that arise. You have this ability to catalog, collect or archive subjects, objects, or attitudes. And in the system there is a new event that you had not identified until then. Rather than feeling lost because you don't know where to put it, tell yourself that this is a new aspect of your life at experiment. Allow yourself to live this day without necessarily wanting to label it with judgments (Ex .: I'm bored, I won't make it, why I'm doing this, etc …). Let your imagination run wild and tell yourself that you are exploring unknown lands that bring you a breath of joy. Note in your logbook how you allowed yourself to experience joy in the face of the unknown. ⋙ Quickly discover the Chinese horoscope 2021 for the beef or the buffalo

Tiger, your Chinese horoscope for Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Others can be of good advice to help you in your thoughts. Have the courage to go ask for support, or another perspective from someone more experienced than you or whom you fully trust. "Alone we go faster, together we go further"(African proverb). You don't have to do it all on your own. to delegate tasks or assignments to other people. It is in this space of sharing that you learn about fairness. Giving is good … you still have to you learn to receive ! It is by clarifying your needs to others that they can fully support you. Note in your logbook what you managed to delegate or how you requested support. ⋙ Quickly discover the Chinese horoscope 2021 for the tiger

Rabbit, your Chinese horoscope for Tuesday, January 19, 2021

What vivid imagination at your house. You are always full of ideas, or projects which too often push you to live in your dreams. What if you started living your dreams instead of dreaming them? It's enough to rehash that you won't be able to do it, or that you're not good enough for it, or that others are doing it better than you. The comparison with others is too present in your life and creates the conditions for demotivation. Stop looking at others, and put the spotlight on your own life. Identify the easiest dream you could start to realize, and take at least one action that works towards making it happen. Note in your logbook the action you took to start living your dream. ⋙ Quickly discover the Chinese horoscope 2021 for the rabbit

Dragon, your Chinese horoscope for Tuesday, January 19, 2021

You have a lot more knowledge than you realize. Now is the time to share with those who are dear to you. Whether it is a life experience, a cooking recipe, a professional aptitude, let others benefit from what you have acquired. In this space of sharing, you will savor the accuracy of all that you have already achieved so well. It is in the eyes of others, or in the feedback that they will make that you recover energy to keep moving. Be open to criticism, it is there to stimulate you. Write down in your logbook what you have shared with others and what it has given you. ⋙ Quickly discover the Chinese horoscope 2021 for the dragon

Snake, your Chinese horoscope for Tuesday, January 19, 2021

What if you learned to succumb or to fall today? Fall in love for example, or succumb to the temptation of a situation or a candy. It’s so good to feel that we can also be vulnerable in a situation that is beyond us. It is in this space of vulnerability that you will also be able to recognize yourself. You learn to use your weaknesses as benchmarks for progress. You will be surprised that there is no point in resisting in the face of what you perceive as failures or disabilities. It is best to experience them first. Note in your logbook the areas of weakness that you have identified and what they bring to you. ⋙ Discover the Chinese horoscope 2021 for the snake

Horse, your Chinese horoscope for Tuesday, January 19, 2021

What enthusiasm and what joy! Feel this ability that you have to feel in the right place at the right time. An idea arrives, and as if by magic you are amazed at the beginnings of a solution or feasible hypotheses. The day stimulates all your senses and puts you awake. Listen to the sounds around you, look out the window as if it is the first time you have discovered this landscape, take your cup in your hands to touch its sweetness, find the real taste of what you eat. You learn to feel you fully exist now and you will find it fun. Note in your logbook the sensations obtained in your experiences that give you pleasure. ⋙ Quickly discover the Chinese horoscope 2021 for the horse

Goat, your Chinese horoscope for Tuesday, January 19, 2021

If you sometimes feel bogged down, this feeling of losing yourself, then the day gives you the momentum and courage to move forward. You find the agility that is your hallmark. Everything around you is manifesting to remind you of yourself. A loved one you have not heard from for a long time may come forward to remind you of how precious you are to them. Your appetite for adventure, and the exploration of new territories manifests itself and it makes you feel good. Note in your logbook how agile you felt or what you decided to explore again at home. ⋙ Quickly discover the Chinese horoscope 2021 for the goat

Monkey, your Chinese horoscope for Tuesday, January 19, 2021

You get the stake of your investment. There is a time for everything, and this is your time. It is okay to say that you are worth it because you have worked to make it happen. In any situation, there is some effort that must be made to access what you want to experience. Even if you are not yet completely satisfied with the result, already acknowledge everything you have done. The accuracy of your words allows you to recover the admiration of others and you can feel their gratitude for you. Note in your logbook how you recognize everything you have already achieved and how others are grateful to you. ⋙ Quickly discover the Chinese horoscope 2021 for the monkey

Cock, your Chinese horoscope for Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Keep your cool, and Stay calm. You have decided to enter into a struggle with the world that you perceive as totally delusional. Certainly, your factual side helps you get through the period. Nevertheless you learn to relativize. You have points of view other than yours, and you should take them into consideration. This may open up new opportunities for you to go further. Take the time to share and establish an exchange with your interlocutors in order to understand them. Watch how you behave in the face of adversity, and put it into perspective. Note in your logbook the battles you are currently fighting and what you have put in place to soften your point of view. ⋙ Quickly discover the Chinese horoscope 2021 for the rooster

Dog, your Chinese horoscope for Tuesday, January 19, 2021

If you feel weariness because others are not at the same pace as you, so that is totally normal. You like everything to be square, tidy and tidy and others come regularly to bring their lots of unforeseen events. It may also manifest itself in your environment with unforeseen events that suddenly arise and slow you down. Ask yourself: aren't you overdoing it. Isn't your perfectionist side there to tire you out? Take any unforeseen events or delays as opportunities to sit down and let the process move forward on its own. Note in your logbook any unforeseen events or delays that you encountered and how you used them to turn them into opportunities. ⋙ Quickly discover the Chinese horoscope 2021 for the Dog

Pig, your Chinese horoscope for Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Have you ever felt that you had like a guardian angel by your side ? Today reminds you that you are not alone. You can count on the support of someone living or deceased to help you overcome the challenges of your life. Dare ask for support whatever your religious beliefs. Whether it is through a prayer, or a clear statement of your need, you can be supported. Start by identifying this calming presence at your side and call upon it to guide you towards more serenity. Note in your logbook how you felt supported. ⋙ Quickly discover the Chinese horoscope 2021 for the Pig

What is my Chinese astrological sign?

Rat, Ox, Tiger … Unlike the Western horoscope, which is based on constellations, the Chinese zodiac is based on the symbolism of animals. If it is divided into 12 signs, 12 animals, the change of sign is only done every year, and not every month. Still don't know your Chinese zodiac sign? To find out quickly, you can use the red calculator located at the end of this article!

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