Chloé Nabédian: “A little scary”, how she found herself in the middle of an extreme climatic phenomenon

The France 2 weather reporter, on the air from Monday to Friday at 8:35 p.m., is at the head of a new magazine on TV5 Monde and is publishing a book on the great mysteries of nature.

In addition to the weather on France 2, you are launching a new magazine on TV5 Monde this Thursday, November 3, at 9:00 p.m., entitled To life, to earth. Which is her concept ?

CHLOE NABEDIAN:It is a documentary magazine dedicated to the environment, which proposes to go to regions exceptional for their beauty, to meet people who are looking for solutions to adapt their living conditions to climate change. We went to the Magdalen Islands, in the province of Quebec in Canada, which are hit hard by coastal erosion, a phenomenon accentuated by global warming. Eventually, they will no longer be habitable.

How did it feel to find yourself in this archipelago when the eye of the hurricane passed Fiona mid-September?

It is surprising ! To have such a deluge then, suddenly, a radiant sun, calm weather that allows you to do a thousand things before, again, the wind and the rain bombard. It’s strong, a little scary and beautiful at the same time! This allowed us to see if the transformations made to these islands worked. And that’s the case ! No human loss was deplored, and only a few houses were damaged. We are now shooting in Morocco, where oases are threatened with disappearance.

Your book The Great Mysteries of Nature, published by Éditions du Rocher, has just been released. What did you try to tell there?

I wanted to come back to the exceptional phenomena which are shrouded in legends, but which can be explained scientifically: a volcano which has been pouring mud for fifteen years, glaciers which refuse to melt… Some are linked to climate change . We chose ten, but we could have covered more.

Why not make it into a documentary series?

That was the original idea! I have been working on this project for five years. I immersed myself in scientific studies, often in English, in Spanish… I am very happy with this book that I dreamed of writing. Transmission is essential.

Is that why you helped install the concept of weather log on France 2?

Yes, and the summer of 2022, between heat wave and drought, justifies developing these themes. Why not create another two or three minute meeting dedicated to the climate or, even, magazines? We need to talk about climate change for there to be real awareness. States and politicians must move. And the trigger can come from the population.

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