Chris Cronauer: Helene Fischer “is an icon for every German artist”

Chris Cronauer
Helene Fischer “is considered an icon for every German artist”

Chris Cronauer is a successful songwriter, singer and producer.

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Chris Cronauer co-wrote Helene Fischer’s hit “Vamos a Marte”. Now the singer tells how he experienced the collaboration.

Chris Cronauer (26) is a successful songwriter and is also starting out as a singer. He has already worked with stars such as Nico Santos (28), Vanessa Mai (29) and Stereoact – and most recently with Helene Fischer (37). The 26-year-old co-wrote her hit “Vamos a Marte”, which she recorded together with Luis Fonsi (43). The collaboration was “a huge and exciting experience” for Cronauer, as he said in an interview with spot on news. The singer also talks about his new album “Dankbar” and reveals whether there is sometimes competition between him and his brother Daniel (28), who also works as a songwriter and composer.

You contributed to the hit “Vamos a Marte” by Helene Fischer and Luis Fonsi. How did the collaboration come about?

Chris Cronauer: Back in April / May 2020, we made the demo version of the song in Mannheim and Aichach and submitted it to Universal Music through our publisher. Helene heard the song, liked it and then we met in the studio in Berlin and worked it out together.

What is it like to work with or for Helene Fischer? How did you get to know her as a person?

Cronauer: I perceived Helene as a very, very determined and enormously professional artist and the way she is, she is also very authentic. It was definitely a huge experience and exciting to work with. I was able to take a lot with me and learn a lot for myself.

Helene Fischer is characterized by her voice and her lavish stage shows. Is she a role model for you?

Cronauer: She is definitely a role model. I think she’s a kind of role model for the genre of hit hits as a whole, because she brought the pop and hit genres to another level and connected them in new ways. In addition, it has given the whole thing a new freshness and modernity and made it perfectly commercially viable for export. She’s just a mega artist and that’s why, I think, she’s an icon for pretty much every German artist.

You have also worked closely with Vanessa Mai and Nico Santos. Did that also create a kind of friendship?

Cronauer: Yes, of course a friendship developed on both sides. Connect songs, music connects and that has resulted in a great relationship. It’s just nice to see that you’ve created and built something together that will last forever. Something like that also keeps the contact and friendship with each other, definitely.

Her brother is also a songwriter and composer. Is there sometimes competition between you?

Cronauer: No, Danni is and will primarily remain my brother and we have always had the philosophy together “Everything that belongs to me, belongs to you” and that is why we don’t have anything like that. I couldn’t work with such people in general, regardless of whether that was my brother or not. We don’t know arguments and envy and we support each other until the end of our days.

You grew up on a farm. How did your childhood affect your view of life?

Cronauer: My childhood definitely influenced the way I see life. We grew up very rural, my grandma and grandpa had cows and chickens. We have already enjoyed country life and taken away the down-to-earth attitude of grandma, grandpa, mom and dad. I do think that it shapes you and that you appreciate and enjoy something like that, especially in today’s world.

You started composing songs when you were twelve. Where does your enthusiasm for music come from?

Cronauer: My enthusiasm for music came back then because I was always listening to songs and my goal has always been to accompany myself on the guitar at some point. At some point I got to the point where I thought it would be great to write my own songs too. I’ve always had fun creating my own, because at some point I got bored of “covering” other songs. So it came about that I found the enthusiasm for songwriting at a very early age.

In February you will release your album “Dankbar”. What are you grateful for?

Cronauer: I am grateful for life and the great things that have all happened to me. I am grateful for the music, the album and that I am at the start of my musical career and career. I just think that the word “thankful” expresses something positive and is characterized by optimism. And at the same time “Dankbar” is a title on my upcoming album, which I dedicated to my grandma.

What can your fans expect from the album?

Cronauer: The fans can expect a very honest album on which not every song sounds the same. It is not a concept album that reflects the musical recognition from title to title, but it has many different facets and sides of me as an artist. There will also be a number of ballads that deal with my life and real events. I let off steam and let off steam on the album. It’s going to be a very eclectic mix.

What else do you have planned for this year?

Cronauer: There are currently a few more TV shows and the album is now being finalized. But I’ve actually worked a lot in the last few months. I’m looking forward to the fact that things are slowly coming to an end, so that I can start ahead at full speed in 2022.


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