Chris Evans: He shares these qualities privately with Captain America

Chris Evans never wanted to be committed to his Captain America role. He is similar to the hero in real life in a few ways.

Chris Evans (40, “Avengers: Endgame”) rose to Hollywood superstar in 2011 thanks to the role of Marvel superhero Captain America. For eight years he then played it with flying colors in numerous blockbusters. Nevertheless, the American, who will be 40 years old on June 13, never wanted to be tied down exclusively to the character of the “Cap” – even though he resembles the hero in several ways in real life.

Like “Cap”, he protects and respects those he loves – or has loved

“If you can ever be lucky enough to love someone and they love you too, then that should be protected”, declared Evans “Elle” once in relation to his exes. It only “seldom happens that someone really knows you well. And when you have broken this wall, it must be appreciated”. True to this motto, he treats all of his former girlfriends, including Jenny Slate (39). About her he said “People” in 2017 after an initial breakup: “She is so vulnerable, so honest, more interested in others than in herself […] There is nothing that cannot be loved about her. “

The “Captain America” ​​actor never loses bad words in public about the people he once loved – and acts in the same way as his character would do. Because for his great love Sharon Carter (Hayley Atwell, 39) and his best friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan, 38), who later becomes his opponent Winter Soldier at times, Captain America Steve Rogers would do pretty much anything.

Just like Chris Evans for his family. He wrote about his relationship with his three siblings Scott (37), Shana and Carly (42) – his “first best friends” 2019 on Twitter: “Through siblings we practice trust, compassion, loyalty, creativity and love. I spend every waking second with mine creating memories that I hold dear more than anyone else.” Evans spends a lot of time with his younger brother, who is also an actor. Shortly before the coronavirus pandemic broke out, Scott even moved into Chris’ home in their hometown of Boston to lockdown with him.

He bravely opens his mouth and wants to change things

“If I see something going wrong, I can’t ignore it.” This sentence comes in “The First Avenger: Civil War” from the mouth of Captain America, but could just as well come from the private person Chris Evans. Like his film alter ego, he also feels he has a duty to use the power he has – in his case, his popularity – to address things and bring about change. And while Steve Rogers does this in the form of fighting villains on the big screen, Evans is dedicated to the supposed villains in the real world – especially ex-US President Donald Trump (74).

For example, in November 2020, when Trump, who was still in office, repeatedly claimed after the presidential election that the Democrats were trying to “steal his election,” the now 40-year-old volunteered have a say via Twitter. With a lot of humor he wrote: “It’s over. You have lost. If you don’t like that, take it to the Supreme Courtyard Marriott.” Evans also made his opinion on Trump in a post last year in “V Magazine” clearly: “As good as it feels to shout out your opinion, with a more empathic approach you get more results.”

The big screen star not only expresses his opinion openly on issues such as same-sex marriage (“It is unbelievable that people are denied civil rights these days”) and a gun ban, he also actively promotes general political dialogue. Together with fellow actor Mark Kassen (49) and businessman Joe Kiani (56) he called in 2020 the website “A Starting Point” into life, which gives the elected representatives of the people across all parties the opportunity to explain their points of view on current issues. He wants to counteract the deep political rifts in US society.

Drawers are not for Chris Evans

Because he expresses himself politically and openly supports democrats like Hillary Clinton (73) and Joe Biden (78) in the election campaign, Chris Evans is naturally also criticized. It doesn’t seem to bother him. Instead he does what he thinks is right, just like Steve Rogers, who in “Captain America: The First Avenger” does not want to be satisfied with his job as a military mascot. And as an actor, Evans could well rest on his Marvel success. Instead, however, the mime does not want to end up in the comic book action star’s drawer and tries his hand at various other genres.

With success. In 2019, for example, he starred in the crime comedy “Knives Out – Mord ist Familiensache”, a classic “Whodunit” in the style of Agatha Christie (1890-1976), as part of a large star line-up. In “Gifted – The Equation of a Life” two years earlier he shone alongside Oscar winner Octavia Spencer (51) as the self-doubting uncle of a gifted girl (Mckenna Grace, 14), whose custody his imperious mother wants to withdraw from him. Most recently, Evans was a district attorney whose underage son is the prime suspect of murder in Apple TV + ‘s mini-series “Secret” (2020) on Apple TV +.

And that’s not all: the star from Massachusetts has already tried his hand at behind the camera. In 2014 he directed and produced the romantic drama “Before We Go”, in which he also played the lead role alongside Alice Eve (39). Next Evans will be seen in a Netflix production, the shooting of the action thriller “The Gray Man” with Ryan Gosling (40) has already started. In addition, he becomes a hero again in the English version of the Pixar adventure “Lightyear”, if only acoustically: Evans lends his voice to a young version of the popular animation hero from the “Toy Story” films.