Chris Marques (Good Singers) in competition with Jarry? He responds straightforwardly

Before returning as a juror in Dance with the stars with Bilal Hassani, Marie-Agnès Gillot and François Alu, Chris Marques agreed to take over the animation of Good Singers – to follow on TF1, Friday at 9:10 p.m. – after the departure by Jarry for France 2.

What motivated you to accept the animation of Good Singers?

Chris Marks: For a few years, I have been touching animation with my fingertips. I like it very much. I am very happy that TF1 offered me this game which I find funny and quirky. We judge physics at the start. It is first the a priori that are expressed, it makes me laugh. I grew up in a musical universe with my father who sang at popular balls. I find in this program the festive side that I love so much: good humor, benevolence, it’s family… It ticks all the boxes.

Taking over from Jarry, is that an additional challenge?

Jarry is incredibly friendly and dynamic. He is also a very good friend. I am not at all in a spirit of competition with him. My only objective is to hold the bar.

What emotions did you go through on set?

It was a mixture of excitement and concentration, but above all a big love! I was well surrounded. Between the production teams with whom I often worked and the players who are all friends, I was in good energy.

Precisely, alongside Shy’m, Denitsa Ikonomova, Florent Peyre, Soprano and Jean-Luc Lemoine is also Amandine Smallwhose name is circulating for the next season of DALS. Do you confirm his participation?

I can’t confirm anything at this time. It’s too early.

Camille Combal anything to worry about now that you’re officially an animator?

No, I only take shows where the host must be less than 1.65 meters tall!

The premiere of Good Singers brought together nearly 3.2 million curious people. The last, in August 2021, brought together 2 million viewers. What objectives did TF1 give you?

TF1 did not give me an audience target. And I don’t put any pressure on myself because I only care about the things I can control. My only goal is to deliver a canon show.

Your son, Jackson, is 5 and a half. Does he have any predispositions for dancing?

I don’t know if he’s going to dance but he’s already a performer. He is comfortable on sets, in front of people he doesn’t know… He has a thing, that’s for sure. We’ll see what he will do with it. Either way, he’s got a hell of a temper.

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