Chris O’Neill: His high society life in pictures before he met Princess Madeleine

He never wanted to be a royal. “I wasn’t born into a royal family. I am Christopher O’Neill, my father was Paul O’Neill. “He was a family man who had his own identity, worked hard and made it,” Chris O’Neill said in a 2018 interview with King Magazine about his decision to marry Princess Madeleine not to accept a royal title. The British-American businessman continues his work to this day.

A financier with excellent connections in high society

Christopher O’Neill was born in England and attended boarding school in Switzerland before moving to the USA, more precisely to New York, with his father Paul O’Neill in the 1960s. After graduating from high school, he studied in Boston and New York City International Relations as well as business administration before he went to London to work for a to work in financial companies. Six years later he moved back to New York, O’Neill earned another degree at Columbia Business School and then worked for a fund company in the Big Apple. Here the businessman maintained excellent connections in New York’s high society and was just as passionate about charity as his current wife.

Chris O’Neill was able to ease Princess Madeleine’s heartbreak

A number cruncher with a lot of feeling, he shares Princess Madeleine’s broken heart after her broken engagement Jonas Bergström was able to heal again in 2010. After the two met and fell in love in New York, they first appeared to the public as lovers in the summer of 2011 at an official appearance during the Salzburg Festival. A year later they announced their engagement and got married on June 8, 2013. Their three children together have made their love happiness perfect in recent years.


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