Chris O’Neill: Mother Eva appeared to be familiar with him at the throne jubilee

Chris O’Neill
His mother appeared to be familiar with him at the throne jubilee

Eva O’Neill and Patrick Sommerlath

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They provided the surprise of the evening: Princess Sofia’s parents, Prince Daniel and Chris O’Neill, took part in the anniversary event

Nobody expected this: Princess Sofia, 38, brought her mother and father to the Royal Opera’s anniversary performance. The parents of Prince Daniel, 50, also attended the festive event, as did Eva O’Neill, the mother of Chris O’Neill, 49.

Eva O’Neill: Intimate chat on the arm of Queen Silvia’s nephew

It was a very special evening. To kick off the celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of King Carl Gustaf, 77, members of the Swedish royal family visited the Drottningholm Palace Theater on Thursday, September 14th. Footage shows that not only Crown Princess Victoria, 46, came to the performance with her husband Prince Daniel and their children Princess Estelle, 11, and Prince Oscar, 7. Prince Carl Philip, 44, also appeared with Princess Sofia, and Princess Madeleine, 41, arrived with her husband Chris O’Neill.

Eva O’Neill and Patrick Sommerlath strolled side by side to the Drottningholm Palace Theater.

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The son-in-law of Queen Silvia, 79, also had his mother Eva with her. As photos prove, she appeared on the arm of a member of the royal family

The “royal in-laws” posed together

The visit of the “royal in-laws”, as “Svensk Damtidning” calls them, caused a special surprise: both Marie and Erik Hellqvist, parents of Princess Sofia, and Ewa and Olle Westling, parents of Prince Daniel, were among the royal guests. They posed together for the photographers. Marie Hellqvist wore emerald green lace, while Ewa Westling opted for an elegant midnight blue tuxedo dress.

Princess Sofia’s parents Marie and Erik Hellqvist and Prince Daniel’s parents Ewa and Olle Westling (from left) are also invited to the Royal Opera’s anniversary performance.

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The parents of Princess Sofia or Prince Daniel are often not seen making public appearances. All the better that they are taking part in the anniversary celebrations for King Carl Gustaf.

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