Chris O’Neill + Princess Madeleine: Back in Sweden soon? Hof acts ignorant

In mid-September, Chris O’Neill and Princess Madeleine celebrated King Carl Gustaf’s 50th anniversary on the throne together with the Swedish royal family in Stockholm. The couple, who live in Florida, then quickly returned to the USA. But the next big event is coming up in Sweden soon – with or without Madeleine and Chris?

Princess Madeleine, 41, and Chris O’Neill actually wanted to. 49, were moving back to Sweden with their three children in August this year, but they had to postpone their move. “According to the information I have, [der Umzug] postponed to 2024,” court information chief Margareta Thorgren told the Swedish newspaper “Expressen” at the end of June and emphasized: “The reason is neither a migration issue, nor the sale of the house or anything similar. It’s just that the time for the family, with everything that comes with moving, was a little too short.”

2023 is a special year for the Swedish royal family

Rumors quickly spread that Chris O’Neill was “to blame” for the delay, as he had never made a secret about not wanting to lead a royal life. But despite all speculation, the British-American businessman traveled to Öland with his family in July 2023 to celebrate his sister-in-law’s 46th birthday, Princess Victoria, to celebrate and to spend a few relaxing days with the family. A few weeks later, the 49-year-old made his next royal appearance: Chris O’Neill accompanied his wife Madeleine to the celebrations of the king’s 50th anniversary on the throne Carl Gustaf77.

Nobel Prize ceremony with Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill?

Seems like the untitled royal husband is currently in the flow when it comes to appearances in the service of the crown. For this reason, whether Chris O’Neill and Princess Madeleine will also attend on December 8th Nobel Prize celebrations? Uncertain – even the palace has no idea yet. “I don’t have any information about that yet,” said court information chief Margareta Thorgren when asked by the Swedish newspaper “Svensk Damtidning” whether Madeleine and Chris would come to this year’s Nobel Prize ceremony.

Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill definitely have one reason to travel to Sweden again in December: celebrations on December 23, 2023 Queen Silvia her 80th birthday.

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