Chrissy Teigen says she still feels "pounding in her stomach" since Jack's death

On twitter, Chrissy Teigen revealed that she still feels movements in her stomach since her miscarriage last October. A symptom of rule which gives him the impression of feeling "baby tugs".

Miscarriage is a tragedy from which it is often difficult to recover. All the more so when our bodies remind us of carrying this child for weeks. Last October, Chrissy Teigen experienced the loss of her baby herself. A little boy, who should have been called Jack, and who unfortunately flew away in the fifth month of pregnancy.

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Since this tragedy, the host has spoken regularly on the subject to her fans. On February 3, on Twitter, Chrissy Teigen shared that she's been feeling pretty sad lately because her son should have been born this week. John Legend’s wife went on to explain that she always feels "tugs" in her stomach. “I have to have an operation for my endometriosis tomorrow. This month, my period symptoms are looking exactly like baby bumps. I tell myself that it is he who says hello to me ", she explained, posting a video of her stomach where you can see a little movement.

During her last pregnancy, Chrissy Teigen suffered from a placental abruption and heavy bleeding. Although she was bedridden and then hospitalized, the doctors could not do anything to save the baby. Already a mother of two children, Luna and Miles, the model revealed last December that she could no longer get pregnant.

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