Christian Quesada changes his look to go unnoticed: a robot portrait unveiled: Current Woman The MAG

Is Christian Quesada on the run? This is the question asked by the chroniclers of Do not touch My TV, Thursday, April 29, 2021. Free since March 25, 2021, after two years of imprisonment for “corruption of minors” and “possession and dissemination of child pornography”, the father of the family seems ready to do anything to be forgotten. In order to learn more about his personality and his potential future projects, psychoanalysis Pascal Neveu returned to the case in the program of C8. Explaining that the former flagship candidate of TF1 behaved “purely narcissistic“during his visit to Jean-Luc Reichmann’s show, he felt thata runaway would be a new way to get people talking “perpetually”.

Comparing him to Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes, he continued: “They have a hyper-centered ego on them”. “He’s a smart person, he’s done a lot of things, but then they have this intelligence and this ability to fool others and manipulate absolutely everyone, continued the expert. If he is “very clever”, he recalled that his “abject side” is “to condemn”. As for a potential recurrence, Pascal Neveu explained: “We can not know”. However, he recalled “than with 25,000 euros “, it will not go very far. And for good reason. If he won nearly 800,000 euros in the game of a, he would have shared his funds with his two children, had a nice trip, bought a studio and rebuilt his teeth, among other things.

Christian Quesada enters “Jesus” and “Robinson Crusoe”

Failing to know more about the place where he is, Cyril Hanouna broadcast live an image of Christian Quesada’s robot portrait published in the magazine The New Detective. On this one, we discover him brown, long hair and a full beard. By discovering the cliché, the host of C8 couldn’t contain a giggle specifying : “It’s not a joke at all!”. If Benjamin Castaldi considered that “on recognizes it, all the same … “, another columnist hilariously said: “It’s Jesus!” This representation is reminiscent of the description made of him The Pogrés upon his release from prison, stating that his new look earned him the nickname “Robinson Crusoe” in prison.

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