Christian Quesada sends appalling letter to C8

Last April, he was sentenced to 3 years in prison. Former 12-stroke noon champion Christian Quesada sent a letter to C8. It was made public on the program Touche pas à mon poste.

If for a long time Christian Quesada was the star of the show The 12 strokes of noon, today it is not. Last year, he was accused of bribery of minors, possession and dissemination of child pornography images. Previously, the 55-year-old had pretended to be a minor on the Internet in order to obtain naked photos and videos from young Internet users. He also allegedly sent videos of him masturbating. Appalling facts which shook the television world as Christian Quesada was a resounding success on Jean-Luc Reichmann's show.

In April 2020, he was sentenced to three years in prison. Since then, many documentaries had been broadcast on C8. Christian Quesada decided to address the C8 channel in a letter sent from prison. This Wednesday, September 16, on the set of the show Do not touch My TV, the letter was made public by one of the chroniclers, Guillaume Genton. He read it aloud in front of the audience, Cyril Hanouna, the other columnists and the viewers. Christian Quasada considers the television channel to be "A channel where for fifteen months you have not ceased to wield media lynching, insults, outright defamation, and worse, slander. "

That's not all. Christian Quesada tried to defend himself in a surrealist way. Indeed, his words left those on the show speechless. Even more disconcertingly, he later compared the media coverage of his affair with that of Michel Fourniret and Nordahl Lelandais: "I remind you that the facts for which I was arrested are certainly serious and condemnable, but they remain offenses, punishable by correctional, which, through hateful blindness (motivated by a rush to buzz), have turned into a more virulent cathodic process than for Fourniret, Lelandais or Abdeslam. " He returned in particular to the documentaries which were broadcast on C8 when he was accused, but not yet convicted. In this regard, he claimed the presumption of innocence.

On the television set, exclamations arise and columnists speak "He is crazy" one hears in particular. On social networks, Internet users were just as disconcerted by this letter from Christian Quesada: "One would think we were dreaming about the letter from Christian Quesada, which proclaims the presumption of innocence, which judges that his acts are certainly serious but that he does not deserve the fierce media! Well if you deserve it. You deserve even worse " or "He better shut up instead of looking for lice on other Christian Quesada." can we also read.

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