Christian Ulmen: The new season of “jerks.” becomes “deep black”

Christian Ulmen
The new season of “jerks.” becomes “deep black”

Fahri Yardim and Christian Ulmen (r.) In the fourth season of “jerks.”

© Joyn / ProSieben / André Kowalski

The new season of “jerks.” Will start soon. Christian Ulmen explains what fans can expect and why couples therapy is “awesome”.

In the fourth season of “jerks.” it’s about couples therapy, masturbation and some surprises for Christian Ulmen (45) and Fahri Yardim (41). The start date for the new episodes on Joyn PLUS + is August 26th. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, all-round talent Ulmen talks about his shame line, “irreparable consequences” and what the fans of the comedy series can expect.

Fahri struggles with his relationship in season four and wants to save the relationship with a luxurious couple vacation with therapy. Fahri and an honest therapy session – how does that fit together?

Christian Ulmen: Fahri is deeply afraid of losing his Pheline. The fight is honest. Fahri Yardim also has feelings, soul, pain. That becomes evident here.

Do you yourself believe in the success of such couples therapies?

Elms: Absolutely. Couples therapies are awesome. One can finally finish speaking. There is no greater happiness.

Demons from years past will also stop by. Is the season going to be darker than the last?

Elms: Yes. And if you say it can hardly be any darker, then that’s true. But we have successfully darkened even the last twinkle of light. The new season will be jet black.

What about guest appearances? Were you able to win desired celebrities for the shoot or were you rejected again because of too much fear of the (unpleasant) story?

Ulmen: The celebrity topic is Fahri Yardim’s world, he takes over the communication with the stars, you would have to ask him that. Fahri loves celebrities, famous people, people with a lot of followers on Instagram – he gets bright, wet eyes, that’s his. He carts the top stars into the show for us.

Filming was delayed due to the pandemic. What did the production look like in the end and did you do the classic editing in the home office?

Ulmen: I’ve always done the cut in the home office, nothing has changed, which is why I only recognized the lockdown when the children lounged around at home all day and I had to cut with headphones so that they could use the crude expressions of Emily Cox couldn’t hear. The shoot was not a problem in compliance with the AHA rules.

Was there another moment when you were filming where you thought, “No, we can’t do that”?

Elms: Yes. Almost continuously. But we made it anyway. With sometimes devastating and irreparable consequences.

The cast also has to throw hurtful words at each other. How do you deal with that?

Ulmen: I hardly have a problem with that because I can understand very well everything that is wrong with me. We have to comfort Fahri regularly on the set. Every now and then there are tears, but then we show him pictures of the shoot, on which he is very nice to look at, and then it works again.

The announcement for season four says: “Christian is caught masturbating again.” Are such scenes still difficult for you?

Ulmen: That shouldn’t have been about getting caught, otherwise I had a lot of fun, as always.

Has your own shame line changed since the series was made?

Ulmen: Not at all. I think it’s deeply rooted. And that’s what it takes to tell stories about embarrassment. Only those who are ashamed can report about their shame.

According to the announcement, Fahri and Christian’s lies threaten to collapse once and for all. Are you good at fooling around in your private life or are you having trouble lying white lies?

Ulmen: I lie brilliantly. Only my children can see through me. I don’t have a chance.

Still have enough ideas to work with “jerks.” to continue after season four?

Ulmen: Definitely. We are currently busy writing the fifth season and see if it can be any darker than jet black …